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Capharnaüm, a film of chaos and miracles
Still image from the film Capharnaüm showing two young children
In her film, Capharnaüm, Nadine Labaki lets Beirut’s poor tell their own story in their own words.
The film Capharnaüm , nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign-language film, tells the story of undocumented refugees and...more)
Yellow vests, brown shirts: convoy runs out of fuel
Counter-protest calls for just transition and respect for Indigenous sovereignty. Photo: Council of Canadians
Racists drowned out by counter-protest
They called it “United We Roll”. In fact it was more like “United We’re Trolls”. After weeks of hype, with...more)
PowerShift activists debate a Green New Deal for the Canadian state
Panel discussion at PowerShift
Proposal can challenge the logic of capitalist system
PowerShift, a convergence for climate justice that began in the US 10 years ago, continued in Ottawa this year with...more)
SNC Lavalin corruption roots run deep
SNC Lavalin headquarters in Montreal
Trudeau has made it easier to be a corporate crook in Canada
As the pressure on his government from the latest SNC Lavalin scandal mounted, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the press:...more)
"They can’t pollute our spirits the way they pollute our rivers”
Manon Massé speaks at Powershift conference
Powershift panel looks at cross-movement solidarities, from the frontlines to the streets
Hundreds of people attended a keynote presentation at the Powershift: Young and Rising conference in Ottawa February 15 th ...more)
Why we need a revolutionary party
An organized revolutionary party is necessary for workers to build their own power to overthrow capitalism.
If you want to change the world you run into some common questions. Why can’t mass movements simply overtake the...more)
"Thou shall not tell a girl she deserved it"
The Specials
Encore speaks to the issues we’re facing today, while also echoing the anti-racist and anti-Thatcher history of The Specials
Review of Encore , by The Specials The Specials have been around in one form or another since 1977, and...more)
How Quebec students brought down a government
Quebec student strike
In 2012, students across Quebec launched a strike against a massive tuition hike that brought down the government.
In 2012, students across Quebec launched a strike against a proposed massive tuition hike. The strike, which was the longest...more)
People not pipelines!
Trudeau and his Liberal government are moving us towards greater inequality and climate crisis
Trudeau and his Liberal government are moving us towards greater inequality and climate crisis
We live in a moment of both great hope and potential horror. There are two interwoven crises. On the one...more)
Racist "yellow vests" outnumbered again
Racist "yellow vests" outnumbered at Vancouver City Hall
Racist "yellow vests" were outnumbered at Vancouver City Hall by two to one.
Chants like “Say it loud! Say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here!” rang out as around 40 anti-racists confronted about...more)
Secrecy and lies shroud Ford plan to privatize healthcare
Ontario’s premier and cabinet ministers hide their privatization plans behind lies
Doug Ford and his Ontario Tory government have no intention of privatizing healthcare services. So said Health Minister Christine Elliott,...more)
Students rise up against Ford cuts
February 4 Toronto rally against cuts to education, photo by  Kevin Taghabon
Students and workers can unite to bring down Ford
February 4 marked the third week in a row that students in Ontario hit the streets protesting Doug Ford’s cuts...more)
Solidarity with Vancouver Art Gallery workers!
Art gallery workers on the picket line
Vancouver Art Gallery workers face greedy bosses and high rents. A victory for them is a victory for all of us.
Workers at the Vancouver Art Gallery, members of Canadian Union of Public Employees local 15, are on strike after being...more)
Fight the right, build the left
The yellow vest movement in France
Fight the right and build the anti-capitalist left
The Trump victory in the presidential election in the United States has given confidence to right-wing forces around the world...more)
Far-right fail in Burnaby, BC
A handful of far right supporters were outnumbered by counter-protesters
Far right fails to find support in Burnaby, BC.
On Saturday, the far-right group, National Citizens Alliance, flew their candidate in from Calgary to drum up support for their...more)
Canada fuels crisis in Venezuela
The Bolivarian revolution resulted in significant improvements for the working class in Venezuela.
Trudeau is pushing for regime change in Venezuela in order to open up the country for pillage by “our” corporations.
The government of Canada has announced its support for the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, essentially green-lighting a coup to...more)
Tuition Freeze Now! – the campaign against tuition hikes at Simon Fraser University
Tuition Freeze Now campaign
There is no good reason to raise tuition fees at SFU.
As the Ford government has become committed to severely and ruthlessly re-shaping higher education in Ontario, students in British Columbia...more)
Trump crumbles and LA teachers win: the power of organized workers
LA Teachers' strike wins! Photo by United Teachers Los Angeles
Striking air traffic controllers and teachers win big!
In mere hours, a sick-in and strike threat by air traffic controllers brought Trump to his knees. On January 25,...more)
The Capitalist Blues
 Leyla McCalla
Review: Leyla McCalla - The Capitalist Blues Political music was king in 2018. Childish Gambino’s “This is America,” was lauded...more)
Zimbabwe eyewitness – ‘The government has declared war on its citizens’
South African solidarity action against repression in Zimbabwe
Desperate regime unleashes judicial terrorism
Monday 14 January to Wednesday 16 January saw the biggest total shutdown of business in the history of Zimbabwe. Workers...more)
Barricades are up at GM headquarters: Statement from the Durham Region Labour Council
The Durham Region Labour Council is calling for solidarity with barricades at the General Motors Canadian Headquarters.
Comrades, Members of Unifor Local 222 have erected a barricade at General Motors Canadian Headquarters as their latest effort in...more)
Housing: a right or a nightmare?
Housing should be a right, not an investment for rich speculators
*/ It is cold comfort to know that one’s immediate, personal suffering is part of an international crisis. I have...more)
“Our rights to these lands have never been extinguished… the jurisdiction of the provincial and federal governments is misleading and false”
The hereditary chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en nation have been clear, being forced to allow RCMP and Coastal Gaslink pipeline workers to enter their lands does not mean consent is given.
Nine days after the military assault, by RCMP, on the Gitdumt’en check point Coastal Gaslink workers can now enter the...more)
Resist, Persist!: Third Annual Women’s March On Vancouver
Hope and anger unite third annual women’s march on Vancouver
Over the weekend March On Vancouver hosted its third annual Women’s March. The event took place on January 19 with...more)
Roma speaks to today
Roma is steeped in the political turmoil of the era and society it portrays.
The opening shots alone make it worth seeing Roma. In just a few minutes, this extraordinary film manages to pack...more)


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