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One solution, revolution: Marxism 2017


Multifaith Centre
569 Spadina Crescent UofT
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

A two-day conference of ideas to change the world!

This is a time of mass struggle and upheaval. Millions are looking for an alternative to a world in deep crisis. Marxism 2017 is an opportunity to discuss revolutionary ideas that can contribute to effective fightbacks today.

The election of Trump has unleashed both barbarity and unprecedented resistance. With each successive executive order, he is being met with masses of people mobilizing and resisting.

The racist killings at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Québec City are the culmination of a decades-long demonization of Muslims. It is the product of the Islamophobia pedaled by politicians in Canada and amplified by the corporate media. But again, the response has been huge. Within hours of the horrific attack, dozens of rallies and vigils were organized across Canada and Quebec.

Trump’s overt misogyny in the election campaign disgusted people around the world. But a day after he was sworn in, massive women’s marches took place, with millions participating around the world and a colossal 300+ actions in the US.

Thousands joined spontaneous demonstrations at airports in the US when the Muslim travel ban was imposed, as lawyers donated their time to help detained travelers enter the country. Taxi drivers in New York struck in opposition to the ban, and people from all walks of life came into the streets to call for an end to the racist law.

The Obama administration was forced to veto the Keystone XL pipeline and pull back from the attack on the Standing Rock Sioux, who were defending their land from the Dakota Access pipeline. Now, Trump is going on the offensive, resurrecting the two pipelines that will accelerate the drive to climate crisis. Shamefully, both the Trudeau and Notley governments support Trump’s plan.

Within days, Idle No More activists mobilized and calls have gone out for mass marches for Jobs, Justice and the Climate on April 29.

How do we organize to ensure that our struggles are successful? What can we learn from struggles around the world, and from revolutionary upheavals of the past? With 16 workshops on climate change, oppression, Marxist theory, revolutionary history and much more, there is something for everyone at Marxism 2017. We hope to see you there! today at

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 22:00 to Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 00:00
Organized by: 
International Socialists
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