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Anti-Choice Caravan Fails

Michelle Robidoux

June 29, 2012

An attempt by anti-choice activists to galvanize opposition to abortion has
failed miserably.

On May 29, the so-called ‘New Abortion Caravan’ left Vancouver on a cross-country trek that arrives in Ottawa July 1st. In every city they have visited along the way, they have been met by pro-choice protests and their message has had no hearing.

In Toronto on June 28, the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, a few dozen anti-choice zealots were confronted by 100 pro-choice activists. Chanting “Women’s rights are here to stay, We’re never going back!” the pro-choice forces received strong support from local residents. Many stopped to sign petitions against the Tory motion 312 which would open the door to recriminalizing abortion.

Unions such as CAW, USW, OPSEU and CUPE were well represented at protests across the country. This kind of solidarity will be key to defeating Conservative attempts to roll back the gains of past struggles. In the spirit of the original Abortion Caravan of 1970, people across the country are once again mobilizing to make sure that women have full access to free abortion from BC to Newfoundland.

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