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Syria: no to intervention

Candace Ghent

March 29, 2013

With 70,000 dead and millions displaced, the Syrian people's right to self-determination is more than under threat now. But after two years of repression by President Basar Al-Assad, and two years of the West trying to hijack the revolutionary movements in Syria, the revolution is not over.
There have been reports that the CIA sending arms from Turkey and Arab countries to sections of the opposition in Syria, and Western-backed Jordan is training some rebels in Syria. These are attempts to control the resistance and any future beyond Assad. But this control is not complete. France called for lifting of the arms embargo, in order to arm certain rebels, then reversed course--worried the West will not be able to control who gets the weapons and whether they will be loyal to the West.
With the Arab League literally and symbolically filling the vacant seat at their annual summit in Qatar by the Western-backed opposition leader Mouaz al-Khatib, they have sent a clear message who's side they are on. But just before the summit, al-Khatib resigned as head of the National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, showing the internal divisions in the opposition.
The West is also trying to hijack the revolution in order to confront the Iranian regime that supports Assad. But too much instability in Syria could destabilize the border with Western-backed Israel, so the West is vacillating and divided over the extent of military intervention.
The so-called vested interest being shown by the West, Europe and pro-Western dictatorships in the Arab region, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, showcases a collective belief that Syria cannot and should not manage itself. The best show of solidarity with the Syrian people would be to say no to direct or indirect imperialist intervention and to support the right of Syrian people to self-determination. 


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