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PowerShift comes to British Columbia

Bradley Hughes

August 24, 2013

This October over a thousand youth will converge on Victoria BC for PowerShift 2013.
In the words of the organizers, “Together we’ll build the movement to fight fracking, stop the carbon corridor, divest from fossil fuels, build a clean energy future, and stop the climate crisis.” The event will feature workshops, panel discussions and more to train youth to be the next generation of climate leaders.
There have been national PowerShift events in Ottawa since 2009, and last year's attracted over 1500 participants. The organizers say the conference “aims to build an environmental and climate justice movement that can transform our society, so that our future can be enjoyed by everyone, not only those who can afford it. Power Shift is organized by youth for youth and aims to mobilize passionate youth from affected communities and various sectors of civil society to explore multiple ways of taking action and work to develop each other’s capacity and abilities.”
PowerShift has a strong anti-oppression stance based on the fact that the most wealthy and priviledged members of our society are making the decisions that result in climate chaos, while the effects of climate chaos are disproportionately experienced by oppressed groups. Last years conference included “in-depth discussions on the role of frontline and indigenous communities, environmental racism, dependence on oil, economic inequalities that stem from the extractive and carbon industries, as well as solutions to these crises such as food sovereignty, renewable energy, and public transportation.”
The PowerShiftBC event will be the first in a series of regional conferences. It takes place at the University of Victoria from October 4 to 7. To register and get involved in organizing check out

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