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Science against Harper

Chantal Sundaram

September 28, 2013

On September 16, in 18 cities across Canada, the biggest protest in defense of independent science in Canadian history took place, with hundreds gathering on Parliament Hill.
With Harper threatening world-class research facilities like the Experimental Lakes Area in Ontario and the High Arctic research station, PEARL, while channelling funds away from basic research to commercial research, and all the while muzzling scientists (especially on climate change), this protest reinforced the public interest that lies in science unfettered by the Tory agenda.
Protesters wore white lab coats and heard speaker after speaker talk about why independent science and basic research best serves social need: from statistics and analysis of social disparity and poverty to basic discoveries that were later applied to medical breakthroughs like penicillin and MRI's without direction from market interests.
The chant:      

"What do we want?"
"Evidence-based decision-making!"
"When do we want it?"
"After peer review!"

The signs:

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"
"(citation required)"
"Stop Harper! Stand up for science!"

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