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Pressure continues against Richtree

November 8, 2013

Yesterday there was another lively rally against Richtree, who used the renovation of its Eaton Centre restaurant an an excuse to ditch its unionized workers.
Last month there was a rally at the store's re-opening (video below), and a month later resistance and solidarity continues. Yesterday there was chanting, drumming and leafleting; amidst banners from UNITE HERE 75 (the union representing the Richtree workers) were banners from Steelworkers and OPSEU, bringing solidarity.
Richtree has moved to set a strike/lockout deadline for November 18, moving towards a lockout of another 40 workers at it's other location. We need to escalate the resistance and solidarity to stop Richtree's union busting. Richtree needs to lose this battle and lose it publicly--to win justice for its workers, inspire others, and to send a message to other companies that this latest union busting technique will not work.

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