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You deserve a raise

Valerie Lannon

December 8, 2013

You deserve a raise!
Since Ontario’s minimum wage was frozen at $10.25 an hour three years ago, minimum wage earnings have been driven by inflation to 19% below the poverty line.  It is conservatively estimated that a minimum wage of $14 an hour is needed right now so that earnings are above the poverty line.
Low wages affect everyone, because lower wages lead to poorer health and well-being, resulting in higher use of health and social services. It follows that a strong minimum wage will help not only the workers paid at this level, but our communities as a whole. Raising the minimum wage to $14 an hour would stimulate Ontario’s economy by putting more than $5 billion additional dollars in workers’ pockets, increasing their ability to have basic goods and services, thereby stimulating economic activity.
The raise would benefit 1.4 million people, especially oppressed groups. Women, newcomers and racialized workers face systemic discrimination in the labour market and this helps explain why they are over-represented among minimum wage earners. Many workers do not even receive minimum wage and we must stop employers from super-exploiting their employees.
Take action
Across Ontario, communities are organizing actions for December 14 (and the 14th day of every month), calling for peace, prosperity, justice and a $14 minimum wage. Get in touch with the Campaign to see how you can get others organized in your community.
For more information visit
In Toronto, come to the rally at 11 a.m. outside the Eaton’s Centre at Yonge and Dundas. Help us send the message to Premier Wynne that Ontario needs a raise!

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