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Support the legal defense of Greek anti-fascists

December 9, 2013

Dear comrades,
As you know, three members of the Greek Socialist Workers Party (SEK) are to appear in court on December 12th, 2013 accused of “defamation” by a lawyer who is in the payroll of a nazi Golden Dawn MP.
Katerina Thoidou, journalist, Tasos Anastasiades, publisher and Panos Garganas, editor of Ergatiki Allileghii (Workers Solidarity, weekly paper of SEK) are to stand trial because articles in the paper exposed the neo-Nazi inspired campaign against the right of second generation immigrants to Greek citizenship. The law under which the members of SEK are accused is infamous in Greece as a “free press killer” law.
At a time when a number of Golden Dawn MPs are in detention for their role in running a criminal organisation, this trial of antifascists is an outrage.
It is also an attempt to muzzle Workers Solidarity, the paper of the Greek anticapitalist left. According to the law, if the three prosecuted comrades are found guilty the minimum fine is 30.000 euros each! In a crisis plagued Greek society this fine equals to a death penalty for our paper.
So we invite you not only to sign the declaration of support to Workers Solidarity, but financially support our campaign against the prosecution. With your help we will stop them!
Send your financial support to the bank account:
National Bank of Greece
IBAN: GR8601101620000016261761197
Name: Sifakakis Ioannis (father’s name: Emmanouil)
Communication: Iannis Sifakakis e mail
Tel 00306946093043
This is republished from the International Socialist Tendency

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