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Save home mail delivery: save our public postal service

Chantal Sundaram

April 10, 2014

On April 9, the Hintonburg Community Centre in Ottawa welcomed residents of the municipal ward of Kitchissippi to a Town Hall about preserving the public service and good union jobs represented by Canada Post's home mail delivery.
We heard from Nick Aplin, an 81-year old community resident of the ward, about the impact on seniors; from Peter Denley from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers about the real story behind Canada Post's financial claims (and about the full social cost of the proposed move to Community Mail Boxes); and from Shellie Bird, of community coalition Solidarity Against Austerity, about the link between the move to undermine Canada Post and the bigger agenda of privatization and austerity.
The meeting heard statements both written and spoken from Ottawa candidates for City Council in the upcoming municipal election, who all claimed general support for maintaining home mail delivery. Window signs and lawn signs were handed out, and future town halls on home delivery were planned.
For more information visit the Canadian Union of Postal Workers

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