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Videos: May 10 rally against Line 9

May 29, 2014

May 10 was a coast to coast day to defend our climate, which in Toronto focused on opposing Line 9. Below are links to videos of the speeches
The National Energy Board, an ally of the Harper government, rubber-stamped Enbridge's project for Line 9 and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said there would be no environmental assessment. But the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation appealed the NEB decision, and the City of Toronto added their voice to the thousands who have demanded an environmental assessment. On May 10, 1400 people marched from City Hall to Queen's Park to oppose Line and to demand an environmental assessment. Speakers also addressed broader issues connected to Line 9, from indigenous sovereignty to climate change to green jobs.
Here are links to videos of the speeches:
Intro, Opening Ceremony, and Sakura Saunders (Rising Tide Toronto):
Melissa Elliot (Six Nations of the Grand River):
Keith Stewart (Greenpeace):
Umair Muhammad (Jane Finch Action Against Poverty):
Michael Butler (Council of Canadians):
Myeengun Henry (Chippewas of the Thames First Nation):
Michelle Robidoux (Steelworkers Toronto Area Council):
Farrah Khan (Greenpeace):
Maggie Helwig (Faith Group):
To stay informed about the No Line 9 campaign and upcoming actions:
To get involved in the No Line 9 campaign:

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