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Ottawa-Gatineau International Socialists Radical Reading Café

Eleanor Riley

October 9, 2014

It was an interesting night in Ottawa for the International Socialists Radical Reading Café.

Seven activists of diverse experience with socialism met to discuss "Money, alienation, and the commodification of everything", and a few select Marxist readings.

The discussion ranged globally, touching on topics like meaningful solidarity and the need for an international radical organization in the struggle against capitalism. Members shared their stories about fighting oppression and complacency in their lives, and brought up the important fact of remembering the humanity of others, even those actively opposed to meaningful change. It was agreed that there are many commonalities between anarchism and socialism, especially the need to fight authoritarianism impulses in non-hierarchical structures. Those who were more conversant with Marx explained in detail some of the concepts of alienation in an accessible way, and provided some recommended reading for further inquiry.

Plans going forward: The Ottawa-Gatineau members have committed to meeting once a month for a reading and discussion group. Of note, a suggestion was made that the next session would be conducted bilingually, in both French and English, and include some French readings, since there is interest in the group by a number of CEGEP students in Gatineau. In the meantime members will be handing out Socialist Worker newspapers and building interest.

Next meeting: “Strategy and Tactics for Resistance and Revolution.” Wednesday October 29, 7pm-9pm. At the Daily Grind Cafe, 601 Somerset St W at Percy (between Percy and Bay) in the Front Room. All welcome!

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