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Made of steel: Crown workers on strike for 17 months

G. Monteiro

February 9, 2015

Since September of 2013, 120 steel workers from Crown Holdings local plant in Toronto have been on strike against Crown’s attacks on their wages and working conditions.
Crown Holding is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of food and beverage cans with a profitable income that gave its CEO an average of $13 million/year in the past five years. Its Toronto’s facility was ranked as one of the top producers in North America and received an award for their outstanding safety, productivity and budget management in 2012. Now, Crown Holding is manufacturing cans using scabs labour and ignoring the workers who made it nearly double its profits—from $282 million in 2011 to $557 million in 2012.
Crown workers, members of USW local 9176, have now been on strike for 17 months, refusing to settle for rotten deals. They’ve produced a radio ad and internet video to make people more aware of their situation, received support from other unions around the world as IndustriALL, Unite, The International Association of Machinists, UNIA, IG Metal and others USW steelworkers from Turkey and U.S.
It’s clear to these unions that what Crown Holding is doing must be condemned as an attack on its workers rights, not only in Canada, but in other locations where Crown has other plants. Demonstrations in Europe were showing a message in favor of the steelworkers from Toronto. In Philadelphia, steelworkers from North York Plant joined a demonstration in front of Crown’s headquarters together with other unionized workers.
A massive leafleting campaign across Ontario in front of Beer Stores and LCBO’s has shown to people the importance of this strike, and broken through the media silence. We need to increase the boycott of Crown and solidarity for the workers.
Support their strike. Buy bottles, not cans!
Donate and/or send a message of support to these workers on their web site:

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