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Vimy Ridge, 'birth of a nation'?

David Fennario

April 9, 2015

Interview I did years ago with 'Rosie' Rowbottham who fought and was wounded at Vimy Ridge.

"Birth of Nation?" said Rosie; "didn't see nobody getting born,just a lot of people dying"
Was in the army hospital when the news broke on the revolution in Russia and said all the men, about a hundred of them were cheered and inspired and stayed up all night and had a riot when they tried to put them back in bed.
"We knew then" he said "there would be no more battles like Vimy with so many dying for no bloody good reason at all"
Rosie was the inspiration for the character of 'Rosie' in my play 'Bolsheviki'
We knocked back a whole 40 ouncer of Bushmill's listening to his stories while sitting in his room at the old Queen's Hotel in Toronto in 197 and still got the tape
 to the brave Fenian men'
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