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Join the Toronto Disability Pride March

Toronto Disability Pride March
Melissa Graham

August 28, 2017

It’s that time of year again, disabled and mad folks are taking to the streets of Toronto to remind the ruling class that we are still here, and still fighting back against our oppression.
I’m proud to say that the International Socialist have supported this march from the very beginning. In times such as these our oppression often gets overlooked. The oppression of Disabled and Mad people happens more quietly and is harder to see. This is why we march loudly and proudly year after year.
Disabled people can be a strong community here in Toronto, but our strength comes from the harmony of our collective voices, and when we hold up those most marginalized above us in equity.
It's about the ableism, the sanism, and all the other “isms.” Disabled and Mad people are as diverse as the communities they come from, and in a city that tries so hard to pride itself on diversity, it’s really important that we recognize the sexism, poverty, homophobia, white supremacy, Islamophobia, transphobia and all the forms of oppression that intersect and amplify with ableism and sanism throughout our daily lives and call it out for what it is.
Our awesome speakers reflect that reality through their lived experience. We have a great line up of speakers this year, and more information about that will be posted on our website.
Grassroots and growing
We started grassroots, and we’re staying that way. This march got started during the Occupy Movement as an effort to represent some of the voices that were not being represented. Our organizing team is made up of me and three other passionate organizers. Each of us have our own lived experience as members of the Disabled and Mad communities.
We march without any public funds, so we can continue to be a voice for our communities year-round. Even when we’re not marching we continue to speak out against racism, poverty, and oppression of Disabled and Mad people. We’ve spoken up for the Fight for $15, and for those bringing attention to Indigenous youth suicides. We can only win a better world when we support each other.
Please join us for the 7th annual Toronto Disability Pride March on Saturday September 23rd starting at Queen’s Park at 1:00 PM. You can find out more about the march on their website at

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