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"No hate, no fear! Immigrants are welcome here!"

Michelle Robidoux

November 15, 2018

To chants of "No hate, no fear! Immigrants are welcome here!", protesters outnumbered anti-Muslim hate group Pegida last Saturday November 10 in Toronto, effectively preventing them from marching. About 20 bigots showed up to spew their anti-Muslim message. They were hemmed in by police barricades and the counter-protest, which basically kept them away from the unsuspecting public. Passers-by stopped and talked to anti-racist protesters and thanked them for organizing against hate.
As with other protests by hate groups, police were there for several hours in huge numbers, complete with arrest vans, a giant police bus, ambulances, mounted unit and more. The amount of resources police have put into protecting the far right would be laughable if it were not so ominous. The Toronto Police Service, with its $1 billion budget, seems to spare no expense to protect handfuls of hateful bigots, while the TTC and many other city services are chronically underfunded.

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