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Stick it to Ford: Defend our communities

Paula Greenberg

November 18, 2018

Chanting "Doug Ford fills me with rage/he cut our minimum wage and "cuts to healthcare( cuts to minimum wage, cuts to childcare) hell no!/ we'll shut down Ontario!" protesters converged on Premier Ford’s family business, Deco Labels. Over 250 protesters from around southern Ontario joined the protest against his attacks on workers. Called, Stick it to Ford: Defend our communities, the rally was organized by Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and drew people from Toronto, Guelph, Hamilton and St. Catherines. Members of the Fight for $15 and Fairness, anti-fascist groups and anti-poverty groups took part.
The Ford Government is attacking workers with the upcoming implementation of bill 47, the "Making Ontario Open for Business" act. Workers will see a rollback of the gains such as two paid sick days, equal pay for equal work and the elimination of the scheduled increase of the minimum wage to $15 / hour. On top of this bill, the Ford government introduced more devastating cuts this past Wednesday in the Fall economic statement. Speakers at the rally explained Ford’s attacks on workers, on those living in poverty, and on healthcare. This economic statement also included the closure of the offices of the Ontario child advocate, the environmental commissioner and french language services commissioner.
Ford’s government combines attacks on living standards, the environment, and oppressed groups. It will take a united working class movement to make him back down.

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