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Organize against fascism in Vancouver

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Students Against Bigotry (

March 11, 2019

UPDATE: We won! The event has been cancelled. Please see Fascists shut down again in Vancouver, for details.

Students Against Bigotry call on everyone who opposes the far right to join our protest in Vancouver on Friday, March 15.

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern — well-known white supremacists, virulent Islamophobes, conspiracy theorists, and guests of the so-called “Free Speech Club” — were supposed to speak at UBC’s Chan Centre. The club and UBC previously collaborated to welcome Ben Shapiro in October, and before that it was Jordan Peterson.

However, the deceptively named “Free Speech Club” was forced to move its event with Molyneux and Southern off-campus. Both the club and the university administration told campus newspaper The Ubyssey that the move was because they hadn’t sold enough tickets — after the club bragged on its Facebook page about the event being sold out.

So they’ve turned to their friends at the Hellenic Community of Vancouver (4500 Arbutus), who also seem quite sympathetic to their ignorance, hatred, and divisiveness. In January, the HCV and so-called “Free Speech Club” hosted Owen Benjamin, “the alt-right movement disguised as comedy.”

In solidarity with the broader Vancouver community, Students Against Bigotry will oppose Molyneux and Southern wherever they may appear.

Not because we oppose freedom of expression, but because, unlike the right-wing trolls of the “Free Speech Club,” we understand the power of words. We acknowledge the importance of being careful with words. We recognize the danger of allowing hate-mongers to target vulnerable individuals and groups, legitimizing violence against them. And we have learned history’s lesson about where this kind of speech leads.

If you oppose this kind of speech as well, and want to support those being targeted, please join Students Against Bigotry on Friday, March 15 at 5:45pm at the corner of Arbutus and King Edward in Vancouver. We hope to see you there.

Let’s say it loud and clear: no platform for the far right in our communities!

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