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International Workers Day in Hamilton

Hamilton celebrates May Day
Ritch Whyman

May 4, 2019

There were several actions in Hamilton to celebrate International Workers Day.

The first rally was part of the spontaneous social media call by individuals in different cities for a noon time walk out and rally.

Over 200 showed up in response to the Facebook call. Speeches opposing Ford's attacks and calling for broader resistance that linked the fight against Ford to the fight for a New Green Deal.

A few hours later a rally and March called by the Steelworkers Local 1005 (stelco) and supported by the District Labour Council and local left wing groups gathered another 200 to March through the downtown.

The Hamilton IWW chapter joined the rally but then marched through Jackson Square handing out leaflets to mall workers and shoppers and disrupting business as usual in the Mall.

The two marches met out side the Federal Government building where speeches against the Liberals foreign policy, attacks on pensions, first Nations and others were made along with calls for unity against the forces of the right and the bosses.

The March ended with a celebration party at a local bar.

In the evening a movie night was held at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre with films celebrating the Winnipeg general strike.

It was the largest and busiest mayday event the city has seen in years and augers well for building deeper unity amongst the thousands looking for ways to fight Ford.  

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