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“Gig economy same old crap, exploitation in an app!”

Foodora couriers march for justice
Pam Johnson

May 16, 2019

“Gig economy same old crap, exploitation in an app!” was the chant of over two hundred Foodora bicycle and car couriers and supporters as they marched through downtown Toronto. The march was organized by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) who are hosting a convention in town. CUPW is supporting the Foodora workers’ drive to form a union.

The organizing campaign, Justice for Foodora Couriers, is calling for better wages, including compensation for dangerous work, time to recover if they are injured or sick, and an intimidation free workplace. Foodora, like Uber, calls its workers ‘independent contractors’ to avoid employment standards and labour law. The pay-per-order model means that during slow periods workers receive wages lower than minimum wage. This is after each courier has sunk hundreds or thousands of dollars keeping their bike, car or scooter in good working order. One courier told, “This is the second time that we have tried to organize. We have momentum now, it is a bigger movement. It is not just Canada, it is global. People are pissed off, they want to see change.”

Former CUPW president, Jean-Claude Parrot whose sign quotes the song solidarity forever, "not a single wheel can turn"

Also marching was former CUPW president, Jean-Claude Parrot, who was famously jailed for defying back-to-work legislation in 1980. “I’m 82 but I’m here today supporting these workers. Organizing today is very important, you have to be determined.”

To get information or show your support for these workers contact: Justice for Foodora Couriers:

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