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Support the Socialist Worker Fighting Fund

September 15, 2020

Socialist Worker
Fighting Fund 2020

After suspending the print publication of Socialist Worker in April due to the pandemic, we have relaunched the print edition for September and launching this appeal for your support.

Target $5000

In this time of the Covid pandemic, climate change and economic collapse, it is more important than ever that we pose an alternative to the capitalist system that created these crises. Socialist worker and are anti-capitalist resources in the struggle to change the world from the bottom up.

Not only do we cover the fightbacks that mainstream media silences, we also want to build links and develop ideas and analysis needed to confront a system in crisis.

Socialist Worker and are not supported by the 1% - the millionaires and billionaires who fund the corporate media. We rely entirely on donations from our readers and supporters to continue to appear in print and on-line. Socialist Worker and are produced and distributed entirely by volunteers and contain no advertising.

If you support an independent anti-capitalist alternative to the mainstream media – from the perspective of the exploited and oppressed of the world – please donate today!

Ways to contribute:

1) Go to and contribute through the ‘Donate’ button on the home page

2) Send us a cheque in the mail
Make cheque payable to ‘ISSI Canada’
Send to:[

International Socialists

PO Box 339, Station E

Toronto, Ontario

M6H 4E3

3) via direct debit. If you are currently contributing through direct debit, you can send an email to to request a direct debit from your bank account. This can be a one-time donation or a monthly contribution.

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