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COVID 19: Race, Class, Nationality and A People’s Vaccine

January 26, 2021

COVID 19: Race, Class, Nationality and A People’s Vaccine
Baba Aye, Health and Social Sector Officer of PSI based in Lagos Nigeria and Co-President of the Geneva Global Health Hub
Conor Reddy, an immunologist and member of the Irish Socialist Workers Network.
Merv King, Algonquin activist, member of the United Steelworkers
Moderated by Carolyn Egan, Healthcare worker and member of the International Socialists
According to the People’s Vaccine Alliance 90% of people in the global south could be denied access to a vaccine in 2021. As People Before Profit says, this is because production and distribution is under private control, patent protection and trade secrecy imposed by private manufacturers has created an artificial scarcity of vaccines. This should not be the case. Vaccines should be treated as a global public good, produced on an off-patent, not for profit basis so that everyone regardless of class, race or nationality has access. Join us for this important discussion and learn how we can address these inequities.


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