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Rexplas workers vote to strike Sunday at midnight

April 23, 2021
Workers at Rexplas, the majority of whom are women, solidly voted to reject a tentative agreement, not recommended by the bargaining committee, by 90%. As Carolyn Egan, president of United Steelworkers Local 8300, told Socialist Worker,  "These workers are sick and tired of being treated like dirt by this company. They have stood up together and said no in a resounding rejection of the company's offer."
"They worked through the pandemic and were given absolutely no thank you by this company who has treated them with contempt." The workers will be walking out on midnight Sunday April 25, and need strong solidarity to win this David and Goliath battle between a profitable company and racialized women making barely above minimum wage.
• Join the solidarity action on Monday April 26 at 7 am at 500 Barmac (Weston Rd and Finch) to support the Rexplas strikers.


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