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Rexplas strike ends in victory

Carolyn Egan

June 29, 2021

Members of USW Local 8300 voted on Sunday, June 27 to end their strike against Rexplas. They had walked out on A‎pril 26th and stood strong against the employer. The majority of the workers are racialized, immigrant women and they stood up against a company who refused to give them the  respect and dignity they deserved. There was strong solidarity from other Steelworkers, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, other unions and their community. They were rarely ever alone on the picket line.

In the end they settled for a 4.5% increase over four years that was significantly better than what they were first offered as well as a signing bonus in this no concessions contract. They had decisively turned down three earlier offers. Throughout the strike they connected their struggle with that of the farmers strike in India. Many are from farm families and had relatives involved.

They understood that they were part of the same global struggle against governments and corporations that were interested only in profit over the well being of workers and farmers. This gave them confidence to keep up the fight! They are going back to work with their heads held high knowing they fought together and won.

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