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Fighting Islamophobia, from London to Quebec


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Fighting Islamophobia, from London to Quebec
The June 6 attack on a Muslim family in London Ontario was a shocking reminder that Islamophobia is a racist poison in Canadian society. English Canadian media laid some of the blame on Quebec’s Law 21, an Islamophobic law that bans religious symbols in many public sector positions, including teachers.
Though it hasn’t taken the same legislative shape in English Canada (despite repeated attempts to do so at the federal level and in Ontario) the demonization of Muslims and Islam is very much alive, both in Quebec and in the Rest of Canada (ROC).
Any law that legitimizes human rights violations can help fuel acts of hate. And any legal struggle against such a law can potentially help build popular resistance to the forces that led to it.
But the roots of Islamophobia lie in a global reality beyond individual courts: they lie in imperialist designs on the largely Muslim Middle East, and in the way all governments from Quebec to Ontario, and the federal government and internationally throughout Western/Northern imperialist nations, have deliberately fueled it as a racist divide-and-conquer strategy.
This panel will discuss how to challenge Islamophobia, from the courts to the streets.
Sibel Ataogul is cofounder of Québec’s Association des juristes progressistes, president of the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers and a founding member of Québec Solidaire.
Chantal Sundaram is a member of Québec solidaire, the author of "Islamophobia and Capitalism" and a leading member of the International Socialists.
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Co-sponsored by the Toronto East and Toronto West branches of the International Socialists.
Monday, July 19, 2021 - 19:00
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Co-sponsored by the Toronto East and Toronto West branches of the International Socialists.

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