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Moe's horrible handling stokes pandemic in Saskatchewan

Christine Wiercinski

October 30, 2021

The Delta variant of Covid-19 is playing havoc in Saskatchewan due to Premier Scott Moe's handling or lack of handling of the pandemic. 

Healthcare in Saskatchewan is in critical condition. ICU beds are over capacity and most other life-threatening procedures are on hold due to inability to perform surgical operations. 

Moe's interest lies in opening Saskatchewan to business. He does not want to talk about COVID as he showed when recently addressing the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. He just raved about attracting new business. 

Moe has never taken the virus seriously. Even at the beginning he was often caught without a mask. To date he has had Covid-19 twice . He constantly has given anti-maskers a hearing and will not denounce them. 

Nadine Wilson, MLA and deputy speaker of the house, resigned from Moe’s Saskatchewan Party after falsifying proof of vaccination. She was seen speaking at an anti- masking demonstration/rally a few weeks later.

Moe blatantly refused to listen to public health experts. Chief Medical Health Officer, Saqib Shahab, has been thwarted at every move. When all restrictions were removed in July he opposed the move. He wanted a slow implementation until vaccination rates were are at least 80%. Moe has steadily ignored advice from doctors and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

To date we are still at 78%. 

Things have gotten so bad Saskatchewan is exporting ICU cases to other provinces, like Ontario. With no clear plan to implement vaccination of 5-to-12 year-olds, the crisis won’t end soon.

After Moe’s ally, Premier Kenney of Alberta crashed and burned on his Covid response, Moe was left rudderless. The federal government did offer help; however Moe looked first to Montana, N. Dakota and several other US states for help. They declined. 

Finally he is accepting help by airlifting patients to Toronto, and some Armed Forces medical personnel. It is a band-aid for a big problem. 

Mayor Charlie Clark of Saskatoon is looking to pass a bylaw to set limits on inside gatherings. Regina mayor Sandra Masters is trying to implement restrictions in Regina schools. All restrictions in businesses and other institutions are done by the individual workplace, school and business. It is very chaotic  and  haphazard

Moe’s inability to admit his mistakes and listen to experts has led to this crisis. His popularity has taken a 20 % decline. He looks for scapegoats, blames the opposition NDP for being “negative”. He blames Indigenous communities for low immunization rates, without doing anything to address their problems. He blames Trudeau because that appeals to his base. He says Saskatchewan has also other things to talk about.

Okay. Let's talk about his systematic attacks on welfare recipients. Or changing rent provisions leading to evictions and homelessness. The good news is people are catching on and speaking out. It is a mess but most people know who to blame.




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