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International socialists study series

International Socialists

August 24, 2022
International socialists study series
Revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx
September 11, 1pm EDT | 10am PDT
Speaker: Chantal Sundaram is a leading member of the International Socialists, a member of Quebec solidaire, and a long-time activist in movements against racism, lslamophobia, and in the labour movement. 
Poverty, mass extinction, climate change, racism and perpetual war are all caused by the capitalist system and its relentless drive for profits. We need revolutionary change. But how do we get there? This study session looks at the ideas of Karl Marx, the most thoroughgoing critic of capitalism and shows how Marx’s method for understanding the system can provide a foundation for creating a new world.
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Marxist economics: explaining the crisis
September 25, 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDT
Speaker: Faline Bobier is a long-time member of the International Socialists, a contributor to Socialist Worker and and an activist in the fight to stop the privatization of our public health care system.
The cost of living crisis is affecting working people around the world while the rich get richer by the day. Expenses are skyrocketing and the best that the capitalist politicians can offer is more misery for the majority.  This is a product of a system that values corporate profits above all else. This study session will look at the Marxist analysis of how capitalism operates and offers a path towards revolutionary change. 
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Organized by the International Socialists Canada and Marx 21 US



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