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After COP27: Climate catastrophe & the need for revolution


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After COP27: Climate catastrophe & the need for revolution
Sunday, December 4
9 am eastern - 6 am pacific
The UN’s climate conference COP27 was a sham with little or no prospect for creating the kind of change required to meet the climate crisis. The event was sponsored by Coca-Cola, took place under the dictatorship of the Egyptian police state and the majority of delegates represented fossil fuel companies. 
Today, environmental movements cannot have any illusions in the COP27 process. The hope for real change lies in the revolutions and uprisings, such as those in Sudan, Iran, Sri Lanka and elsewhere which show it is possible to challenge capitalism’s multiple crises – war, economic turmoil and environmental disaster.
This online conference organised by the International Socialist Tendency will bring together activists from around the world to discuss how we can build revolutionary movements to fight for a socialist world.
An online event hosted by the International Socialist Tendency. Speakers include:
· Muzan Alneel, Sudan
· Tuna Emren, Turkey
· Camilla Royle, Britain
· Gyekye Tanoh, Ghana
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Sunday, December 4, 2022 - 09:00
Organized by: 
International Socialist Tendency

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