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Public sector workers protest potential cuts

Peter Hogarth

March 11, 2012

On March 1 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada held a national day-of-action to protest potentially sweeping cuts to federal departments and agencies.

In anticipation of a federal budget that will call for thousands of layoffs, actions were held in St. John’s, Ottawa, Sudbury, Peterborough, Stephenville (Newfoundland), Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Mississauga, Bellleville, Windsor, Halifax, Charlottetown, Montreal, Lethbridge, Whitehorse, Kanata, St. Andrews, Fredricton Calgary, Gatineau and many other cities. Thousands joined the protests across the country to bring attention to the looming federal job massacre championed by the Harper regime.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has said that it plans to make cuts to the tune of $8 to $10 billion to be put toward deficit reduction. That would mean roughly 100,000 public sector jobs. Not only would this be disastrous for the workers who would be losing their jobs, but it would mean cuts to services such as employment insurance and old-age security as well.

The demonstrations show there is a desire to stand up for jobs and pensions. The labour movement will need to keep up the momentum if Harper’s agenda is to be defeated

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