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November 20, 2011

With the endless spread of economic crisis, war and climate chaos, it’s clear that another world is necessary. This year of revolts—from revolutions across the Arab world, general strikes from Chile to Greece, and Occupy movements across Canada and the US—has raised people’s hopes that a better world might be possible, but how do we get there? Socialists have many contributions to make.

First, we fight on every front. In a time of multiple crises, it’s not enough just to build one campaign; we need to build them all—defending jobs and services, fighting oppression and war, demanding climate justice, and others. An individual socialist can’t do this, but an organization of socialists can. Socialist organization can unite the movements in which individuals are rooted—like the work that linked up Occupy Toronto with Disability Pride and Tamil freedom.

Second, because socialists believe in self-emancipation, we try to build movements as big and broad as possible. A better world will not come through a minority making change on behalf of others, whether it’s MPs in Parliament or “radical” activists in the streets. Socialists intervene in movements to ensure they are as big and inclusive as possible so that ordinary people gain the experience and confidence that they themselves can change the world.

Third, socialists link movements to the power of the working-class. From pro-choice to anti-war movements, working class activity has been key for reforms; and the Egyptian Revolution is demonstrating how central the working class is for revolution. But this does not happen automatically. Understanding that the working class is the Achilles’ heel of capitalism, socialists help connect movements with the working class, and increase workers’ self-confidence and organization.

Finally, socialist organization crystallizes this historical and current experience—fighting on every front, building and linking movements, and connecting them to working-class power—into theory and organization. The bigger the organization, the more it can contribute to movements. So if you agree with these ideas, join the International Socialists so we can help fight for the better world that is not only necessary, but possible.

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