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Voter fraud scandal deepens for Tories

Allan Wood

May 16, 2012

Elections Canada investigators believe that the computer used to make more than 7,000 fraudulent and potentially illegal robocalls to Guelph voters on the day of the May 2011 federal election is the same computer used by Andrew Prescott, the deputy campaign manager of Guelph Conservative candidate Matthew Burke.

Investigators say Prescott and “Pierre Poutine” (the alias at the heart of the scandal) used identical IP addresses when logging into their accounts with RackNine, whose computer servers were used to send out thousands of phone calls to voters in Guelph on election day.

Elections Canada is following up on 700 actionable complaints in more than 200 ridings. Its investigation has expanded to Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa. Elections Canada wants to know why database records turned over by the Conservatives are missing key entries that could help identify who downloaded the list of opposition party supporters used to make the fraudulent robocalls.

In addition, Annette Desgagne, a former employee of Responsive Marketing Group Inc., has filed an affidavit in the Council of Canadians’ lawsuit seeking by-elections in seven ridings. Desgagne claims that three days before the election, she was given a new script (written by the Conservatives) that erroneously told voters that their polling stations had changed.

The Conservatives continued to deny everything–including the facts.

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