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Syria: defend the revolution

Yusur Al-Bahrani

June 12, 2012

The UN “peace plan” in Syria has not made any progress as bloodshed continues. The West is using the Houla Massacre to call for military intervention, but the only path to peace is to stop imperial intervention and deepen the revolution.
It is undeniable that Assad’s regime is to be blamed for killing, and torturing protestors and activists. According to a UN report, the Syrian military loyal to Bashar Al-Assad has been using children as young as eight years old as human shields. Children are also subjected to torture and abuse by the Syrian regime. Similarly, UN report said that armed rebels fighting Assad’s forces have been recruiting children as fighters. The “peace plan” does nothing to end the regime, so clashes between rebels or sections of the Free Syrian Army and the government forces are costing thousands of innocent lives.
Unlike in Libya, NATO has so far abstained from directly intervening in Syria. However, the intervention is indirect. Armed rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have been receiving weapons from the West’s allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The received arms include Kalashnikov assault rifles, BKC machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank weaponry transported into Syria via Turkey.
While the United States has been supplying Saudi Arabia and Bahrain with weapons that have been used against protestors, Hillary Clinton condemned Russia for sending a new shipment of helicopter gunships to Syria. She also added that this could escalate the conflict “quite dramatically.” Indeed the conflict has been increasing quite dramatically with Russian weapons on one hand, and Saudi weapons made in the US on the other hand.
On March 2011, the revolution began with peaceful pro-democracy protests. Imperialists would not want a scenario in which the Syrian activists and peaceful protestors win their demands in having a true democracy in Syria. Countering the revolution in Syria is vital to control the region.
While the FSA and the Syrian National Council have been calling for intervention, the only way to stop bloodshed in Syria is to defend revolutionaries demanding an end to the ongoing oppression away from intervention whether from NATO, Russia or oppressive Gulf states. The Local Coordinating Committees have called mass strikes and protests, which are spreading to Damascus and Aleppo, with the potential of uniting Syrians across ethnic lines to topple the regime. Our duty is to be in solidarity with Syrians against dictatorship and imperialism.

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