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Halifax plot shows Harper's racist redefinition of terrorism
The Harper government has dismissed white racist terrorist as "misfits"
There's no doubt the that Valentine's Day plot to commit mass murder in a Halifax shopping mall would have been...more
Just transition: the social contract that can’t be ignored
A just transition is key to linking the labour and climate justice movements
“At BC’s carbon crossroads there is a choice to be made: dig deeper into fossil fuels through LNG or reduce...more
Legal victories for workers' rights
The Supreme Court decisions should be an encouragement, not a substitute, for rank-and-file mobilization
The first month and a half of 2015 saw the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) come down with two decisions...more
Northern food, northern hunger
With the government letting food companies profit from hunger, we need a campaign to win justice
You can eat nutritiously in the far North. If you’re a millionaire, that is. Chicken kiev perhaps? Chicken is a...more
Federal Court ruling ignored, Harper continues his racist agenda
Harper's cuts are cruel, unconstitutional, and scapegoat refugees for cuts to Medicare
While the Harper government increasingly uses words like “barbarism” and “ terrorism ” to justify provoke fear and manufacture scapegoats,...more
De quoi l’intégrisme est-il le nom?
« Intégrisme » est le mot qui cache le mieux l’islamophobie et la xénophobie
Dans les débats récents à l’Assemblée nationale et dans les médias québécois, on a beaucoup usé du terme « intégrisme...more
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Bill C-51 is terrorism
On the 10th anniversary of cross-country vigils, Indigenous women and their allies are continuing the movement for justice
After 17 months on strike, Crown workers are continuing to resist concessions and build solidarity
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