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Unite with Quebec against pipelines
Calls for "national unity" are used to bash Quebec and support pipelines, but real unity comes through the climate justice movement
In a victory for the climate justice movement, Prime Minister Trudeau, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr and Environment Minister Christine...more
Quebec against austerity: what’s next after the Common Front?
Workers are challenging the deal at the ballot box and mobilizing in the streets
It has been a roller-coaster ride in the fight against austerity in Quebec over the last five months. In December...more
Solidarity with Hamilton Steelworkers
Hamilton Steelworkers are fighting austerity
Buses from all over Ontario rolled into Hamilton, Ontario on Saturday, January 30 to support workers at US Steel. The...more
Victory for First Nations children: what will Trudeau do?
The Liberals need to respect the Tribunal decision and ensure a range of adequate services
January 26, 2016 saw a landmark decision by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. It came down in favour of the...more
Corrections officers, capitalism and resistance
Corrections officers are trying to improve the conditions that capitalism has placed on them and on inmates
In January a strike by 6,000 Corrections officers (COs) and probation/parole officers (POs) in Ontario’s criminal justice system was narrowly...more
From Copenhagen to Paris: the climate justice movement rises
A survey of the climate justice movement from 2010 to 2015
On the final day of the Paris climate protests, Naomi Klein compared the mood to the Copenhagen conference in 2009:...more
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A people's injunction against the National Energy Board has exposed Trudeau's ongoing support for Harper's pipelines
Tarantino has spoken out against racist violence through his film and a recent rally speech
Trade Unions for Energy Democracy
Trade Unions for Energy Democracy is building a movement for a just transition to stop climate change
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