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Remembering Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg was a leading theorist and activist whose ideas live on nearly a century after her death
Almost a century ago today, on January 15, 1919, one of the greatest Marxist thinkers and fighters was murdered. Her...more
The Vimy Trap is an anti-war celebration
This book tells the truth, exposes the myths, and is well timed for the April glorification
This timely book drops a grenade on the almost sacred notion that the WWI battle at Vimy Ridge was the...more
Who would justin bomb? Liberals redirect health funding to buy warplanes
The Liberals are cutting $11 billion from healthcare, and wasting it on fighter jets
In November the Chief of the Defense Staff along with three of Trudeau’s Liberal ministers announced they will change Harper’s...more
The falling rate of profit and the long depression
Mainstream economists see only the effects of the crisis, like bubbles, not the cause of capitalism
The Long Depression: How it Happened, Why it Happened, and What Happens Next Written by Michael Roberts Review by Peter...more
‘No-fly zone’ is no solution for Syria
imperial intervention will never promote self-determination
The Syrian government assault on Aleppo resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe. The offensive was accompanied by the same brutality we...more
Top struggles of 2016
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
With Brexit and the rise of Trump some see the year 2016 as a year of reaction and bigotry, but...more
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