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Saying no to privatizing MRI clinics in Saskatchewan
Privatization is less efficient, more unequal and allows corporations to be more exploitative
Just a few days before Saskatchewan’s Tommy Douglas Day, Premier Brad Wall put forward a proposal to privatize MRI clinics...more
All students should oppose fee increases
Students at UBC rally
We don't pay different prices for groceries depending on our citizenship, why are tuition fees any different?
Post-secondary education has to navigate two contradictory identities: as both a basic right and a purchasable commodity. This leads to...more
Kurdistan and the US war on Iraq and Syria
To support Kurdish self-determination we need to stop imperial intervention
Yet again Western imperialism is bombing Iraq and yet again it claims to be helping the Kurds. But Western intervention...more
Anti-war rallies across the country
Hundreds rallies across the country against Harper's latest war
Last weekend saw anti-war protests across the country, organized by the Canadian Peace Alliance and the Collectif Échec à la...more
The West’s ally threatens to behead a pro-democracy activist
Canada arms Saudi Arabia and is ignoring its plan to behead Sheikh Al Nemer
While the West uses the crimes of ISIS to justify bombing Iraq, Western-backed Saudi Arabia is immune from criticism. But...more
Stop Harper from crushing our civil liberties
Harper is using tragedy to erode civil liberties in the pursuit of corporate profits
Let us not mince words. The attacks on military personnel in Ottawa and Quebec are a potential disaster for democracy...more
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Hundreds rallies across the country against Harper's latest war
Videos of the activist assembly challenging the Tory-Ford agenda
First Nations fight back against big polluters in BC mining disaster
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