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Lessons of the Crown strike
22 months on strike didn't stop concessions but it did build solidarity for struggles ahead
The Crown strike is over after 22 long months and the workers fought til the very last. Only two crossed...more
Greece: austerity and the Syriza split
Popular Unity has split from Syriza, but not yet from its strategy
Greece’s coalition government, led by the radical left party Syriza, has collapsed because it capitulated to bosses’ pressure to sign...more
Thin soup from the NDP kitchen
To beat Harper the NDP needs more Corbyn, less Blair
While Tom Mulcair’s NDP is holding on to its tenuous lead in the pre-election polls, their campaign is not exactly...more
Unist'ot'en Heals: pipeline resistance and decolonization
Support the Unist'ot'en camp to decolonize their territory
Oil giant Chevron is increasing their attempts to build the Pacific Trails Pipeline, with the backing of the RCMP. In...more
Protecting public services in Saskatchewan
The "Own It!" campaign defends public services against the threats of privatization
A grassroots campaign, made up of labour and community groups, has come together in Saskatchewan, with a call for people...more
Bernie Sanders: a “socialist” candidate for a corporate party
While he's running for the Democrats, his campaign is building an audience for broader change
Amidst widespread anger against inequality, racism and a climate crisis, the self-described “socialist” Bernie Sanders is running for President of...more
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