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The Front National is using its votes to build fascism in France
Fascists are feeding off of austerity, Islamophobia and "anti-terror" legislation
Could Marine Le Pen’s fascist Front National (FN) win the next French presidential election in 2017? The dominant trend on...more
To protect water, fight environmental racism
Supporting Indigenous rights helps protect water for all
March 21 was the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; the day after, March 22, was World Water...more
The niqab ban and Tory scapegoating
To oppose Bill C-51 we need to oppose the Islamophobia and war that drives it.
From distracting from their anti-choice or anti-climate policies, to promoting war and attacks on civil liberties, the Tories attack on...more
Quebec Spring returns
Thousands joined the start of weekly anti-austerity protests, as tens of thousands of students are on strike
On Saturday March 21, the start of spring, thousands rallied at Place Emelie Gamelin, the "Tahrir Square" of Quebec's Maple...more
Security certificates are the pilot project for Bill C-51
Security certificates show the threat of C-51 and the importance of resistance
Under the current (pre-C51) so-called “Immigrant and Refugee Protection Act” the government can detain, without charge, for years on end,...more
Canada in Libya served as ‘Al-Qaeda’s air force’
Documents reveal Canada's war in Libya paved the way for ISIS
The Canadian military knew that bombing Libya in 2011 to oust Muammar Gaddafi would lead to chaos, destruction and civil...more
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Mass rallies have undermined support for Bill C-51 and exposed both Harper and Trudeau
From letters of support, to student walkout and an upcoming joint rally with CUPE 3903, solidarity grows
For the second day in a row, hundreds marched in support of CUPE 3902 on strike at UofT
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