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Build the on-the-ground campaigns
From Stopping Hudak to saving Canada Post, we can mobilize to win
The next federal election is around the corner, most probably in the fall, but it could be earlier. The Harper...more
Save door-to-door delivery
Save Canada Post, Stop Harper
The Community Mailbox (CMB) implementation to replace door-to-door mail delivery has been a disaster. The hasty change was done with...more
Unity vs hypocrisy
The "unity march" was led by the butchers of the Arab Spring
It is beyond imagination—millions of people, horified by violence, marching together in Paris on January 11. The message seemed to...more
Boko Haram, the Nigerian state and resistance
Working class resistance is key to challenging the twin terrorisms of Boko Haram and the Nigerian state
The fishing community of Baga by Lake Chad in Borno state was under siege for a week at the beginning...more
Selling the Iraq War
Canadians weaponsn firms are pushing for more war in Iraq, while Harper claims firefights are not combat
The Canadian Government, military, and their think tank buddies have been waging a profit-driven public relations war to convince Canadians...more
War resisters: Let Them Stay Week Jan 25-31
Take action to stop the deporation of US Iraq War resisters
Since September 2014, seven US Iraq War resisters have received negative decisions in their cases. Two veterans were given removal...more
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This election campaign lays the ground for what happens afterwards.
The Oscars’ refusal to celebrate Black people portraying the Black freedom struggle shows the ongoing fight for liberation
The centenary of the Christmas truce reminds us of the real roots of war, the potential resistance from rank-and-file soldiers, and the importance of an organized anti-war movement
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