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Fight for $15, from Chicago to Toronto
Working class struggle is building, from Chicago teachers to Toronto airport workers
On April 1 the Chicago Teachers’ Union and the Fight for $15 launched joint strike action. Then on April 15,...more
Iron and Earth: oil sands workers demand climate jobs
Workers fired by tar sands corporations are asking for training in renewables
Since spring of this year a small band of oil sands workers have come together to fight against the growing...more
April 14-15: international days of action in the Fight for $15
The Fight for 15 is going global, raising wages by building working class unity
April 14 and 15, 2016 marked a new high point in the Fight for $15 movement in North America and...more
Conference highlights movements for real change
Annual conference discussed historical lessons and current struggles
The International Socialists’ annual Marxism conference tackled some big issues and saw attendance from socialists and other activists from across...more
Remembering Prince’s life and politics
Prince challenged gender norms, the power of record labels, and anti-Black racism
In reaction to Prince’s passing many mainstream press focused on how many records he sold, but for his fans it...more
Ideas for Real Change: Marxism 2016
Join the annual conference of the International Socialists
Join the annual conference of the International Socialistsmore
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Join the annual conference of the International Socialists
The suicide crisis in Attawapiskat and the inaction by government are both symptoms of ongoing colonialism
The tent city continues to challenge police killings and the city's cutting of Afrofest
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