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Bound for Tory glory: meet Andrew Scheer
Harperism has a new poster boy
Canadians are often so transfixed by international news that domestic stories go unnoticed. As astounding/horrifying as is the unfolding Trump...more
Sexual liberation and the Russian revolution – 100 years on
The Russian Revolution was a festival of the oppressed
It's often implied that the Marxist conception of revolution is only about overturning an economic system, capitalism, and that as...more
Trump, the Paris Climate Accord, and climate justice
With Trump exposing the inability of the 1% to solve the climate crisis, it's up to the climate justice movement to change the world
Apparently against the efforts of some of his advisors, at the beginning of June, Trump announced that he was withdrawing...more
Review: the anti-Trump guide
Naomi Klein's combines the insights of her previous books, and the debates they expressed
Who better than Naomi Klein to write a book about the rise of Donald Trump and how to resist? Her...more
Report: Injured Workers’ Day rally and march
Workers harmed at the workplace are fighting for compensation
The Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups (ONIWG) held a solidarity rally and march on June 1 to mark Injured...more
The radical history of oil workers
Oil workers have been part of resistance movements around the world, for peace, health and sustainability
Oil workers embody the contradictions of capitalism. Their labour extracts from the earth fossil fuels that are the life-blood of...more
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Workers harmed at the workplace are fighting for compensation
A couple of bank robbers steal from the 1% in the America of austerity and racism
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