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10 lessons from Standing Rock
Pipelines can be stopped, Indigenous peoples are leading the way, a just transition is possible...
Near the plains where Sitting Bull defeated the army of George Custer, Indigenous communities resisted police brutality, media silence and...more
Review: Moonlight
This film is a wonderful antidote to Trump America
Moonlight, the second film by director Barry Jenkins, could be described as a coming of age film about a young...more
Review: Born to Run, memoir by Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen reflects working class experience
Bruce Springsteen's recently published memoir Born to Run is a book that, while you're reading it, feels a little bit...more
Liberal agenda laid bare
Apparently "real change" means new jets, new free trade deals, more pipelines and more austerity
Just over a year after his government’s election, the glow has faded from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. While the leader is...more
Trudeau chooses Kinder Morgan over Indigenous rights and green jobs
We need green jobs, not pipelines
Yesterday afternoon Justin Trudeau held British Columbia at the edge of their seats. It was time for the long-awaited and...more
Quebec solidaire meeting: Islam and Islamophobia, Myths and Realities
Islam is not the enemy, war is not the answer
Around 80 people gathered at the Université du Québec en Outaouais in Hull on November 17 at a very diverse...more
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This film is a wonderful antidote to Trump America
The Mississauga library workers successful strike is full of lessons for fighting austerity
There's a growing campaign to bring truth and reconciliation to the education curriculum
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