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“the first Marxist steampunk”
Freedom & Necessity by Steven Brust & Emma Bull
Freedom and Necessity takes place in 1849, the year after the failed European revolutions and the subsequent backlash.
Review of Freedom and Necessity by Steven Brust & Emma Bull This little bombshell has been variously described as the...more
Saskatchewan: refugees in, Brad Wall out
People in Saskatchewan rallied against Brad Wall's racist attack on refugees
Last week was a particularly disgraceful and embarrassing one for Saskatchewan politicians and public figures, who used the Paris tragedy...more
Tell Justin Trudeau: climate action now
Join the November 29 climate demonstrations!
Much of the opposition that challenged Harper was from the Indigenous-led climate justice movement. If the Liberals campaign slogan “real...more
'Diversity' and the fight against racism
Fighting racism requires working class struggle, not corporate lip service to diversity
In her article in , “Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word,” Ellen Berrey...more
Keystone XL rejection: a victory for climate justice?
While Obama's rejection of Keystone was also motivated by US strategy, it was won through mobilization and adds pressure on Trudeau
Enormous praise should go out to the climate movement for putting pressure on the Obama administration to reject the Keystone...more
Quebec’s fight against austerity in education
Students, parents and teachers are uniting against austerity
Those who oppose austerity internationally are once again watching Quebec, with a new strike and protest movement unfolding this fall...more
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