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Brexit: what happened? what next for the left?


Steelworkers Hall
25 Cecil Street south-east of Spadina/College
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Public forum:

BREXIT: What happened? What next for the left?
Monday, July 4 | 7:00 PM

Steelworkers hall, 25 Cecil St

The result of the EU referendum in the UK is sending shock waves throughout the world. The institutions of capitalism are in crisis and for the 1% the threat of “contagion” is terrifying.


For the left the result can offer openings for a more radical perspective on global capitalism but there is also the danger of the far-right using the crisis to grow and to spread more hate and xenophobia.


Join us for a public forum and discussion abut the referendum and its implications in Canada and abroad.


Organized by the International Socialists | |


Monday, July 4, 2016 - 22:00
Organized by: 
Toronto-west International Socialists

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