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Resistance and solidarity continues in Bahrain
The forgotten Arab spring
On November 23 the people of Bahrain continued resisting the regime of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, in a...more)
NATO attacks on Pakistan reveal misery and divisions in US - war on terror"
NATO's war of terror
The NATO assault on a Pakistani border post that killed 24 soldiers and wounded 13 others does not come as...more)
Revolution from below, not bombs from above, can bring change to Syria and Iran
Real regime change comes from below
Canada and other Western powers are trying to stifle the Arab spring—escalating the threat of military intervention against Syria and...more)
Knife attack on Serbian socialist at Belgrade University is dangerous attack on right to protest
Report from the Serbian student movement
Students at Belgrade University have been undergoing escalating state repression and far right attacks as they struggle against rising fees...more)
Right to Protest
statement on Serbia student movement
We believe that, at a critical moment in the deepening crisis, it is our right and duty to demonstrate solidarity...more)
For Iraqis, the war is far from over
The war continues
US President Barack Obama has called the US withdrawal from Iraq a historic moment and declared the mission a “success”...more)
Inside Quebec politics
Quebec's leading feminist writes shares her views
Of Anger and Hope Written by Françoise David Reviewed by Jesse McLaren Françoise David, one of Quebec’s leading activists and...more)
Canada/US border deal a threat to rights and freedom
sacrificing freedom for trade
The “Beyond the Border Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness Action Plan” agreement between Canada and the United States for 2012...more)
Durban climate conference: a bitter disappointment
Durban dooms the planet
The United Nations climate talks in Durban, South Africa, have ended. Evil has been done on a scale that is...more)
2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan - not absolute"
Yet another extension of war and occupation
In perhaps the least surprising news story of 2011, the United States ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan C. Crocker, said that...more)
Security certificate injustice for Mohamed Harkat
nine years of injustice and secret trials in Canada
Think back to December 10, 2002 — nine years ago this weekend, International Human Rights Day. Perhaps on that day...more)
The Egyptian revolution continues
Interview with leading member of the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists
Hossam el-Hamalawy is a leading Egyptian journalist, photographer, and socialist activist from Cairo who maintains the widely followed blog 3arabawy...more)
Canadian colonialism lives on in Attawapiskat
The most recent blatant example of Canadian colonialism
The plight of the Attawapiskat First Nation is the most recent blatant example of Canadian colonialism. Harper sidestepped questions about...more)
Another (renewable) energy is possible
There are real alternatives to fossil fuels.
Review of Renewable Energy: What now? Talk by Robin Macqueen, Thursday December 1, 2011 Final lecture in the fall Langara...more)
People with disabilities unite and fight back
Disability activists link up with other struggles to fight back and build another world
The International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPD) is a day where people with disabilities across the world are encouraged...more)
Pro-democracy Protestors in Eastern Saudi Arabia Find their Way in the Streets
The Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia
At least four people were killed and several wounded in Saudi Arabia. Naser Muhaishi was killed as Saudi forces attacked...more)
Arab Spring continues as Yemeni President is forced from power
The Arab Spring topples another dictator
After 33 years in power, 10 months of protests and fighting between rival factions of the Yemen elite have forced...more)
Pipeline ethics: profit is god
unethical oil
Canada’s Tar Sands. The movement on both sides of the Canada/US border to stop the construction of the Keystone XL...more)
Mobilizing can stop the Tories
Anti-Ford movement stops Hudak
Ontario Tory leader Tim Hudak threatened to channel the anger against the Liberals—who closed hospitals, raised tuition fees and cut...more)
Pipelines and poverty kill in Kenya
The human price of oil
On September 12 a leaking oil pipeline passing through the densely populated Sinai slum in Kenya exploded, killing more than...more)
BP returns for more profits and pollution
BP is back in the Gulf Coast
BP has filed applications to drill new deep-water wells in the Gulf of Mexico. The applications came just one week...more)
Feds ignore suicide epidemic in First Nations communities
Feds ignore suicide epidemic in First Nations communities
The willful ignorance of Canadian governments at all levels is perpetuating the cycle of abuse that First Nations people have...more)
People with disabilities face cuts, fight back
It's not a question whether Austerity will affect Canadians with disabilities, but a question of when.
The International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPD) is a day where people with disabilities across the world are encouraged...more)
Blame-the- teacher" agenda threatens education
BC teachers under attack
The BC Public Schools Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) is threatening to lock out the province’s teachers, in response to job action...more)
The reality of catastrophic climate change
The future of ecological destruction is now
Tropic of Chaos By Christian Parenti Reviewed by Ian Beeching Imagine living in a community where bodies turn up in...more)


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