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Canada, Quebec: How women won abortion rights
How women won the right to choice
The fight for abortion rights is one of the most important victories of the women’s movement in Canada and Quebec...more)
Canada, US: the fight continues for reproductive rights
The fight continues
While women in North America enjoy greater equality and social participation than some of our sisters globally, our rights—particularly our...more)
Egypt 2011: women at the heart of the struggle
The role of women in Egypt's ongoing revolution
The leadership of women is sometimes left out of Egypt’s revolutionary history, yet without women the events that unfolded would...more)
IWD Toronto
IWD part of the battle for jobs and services
International Women’s Day is being celebrated in Toronto this year on March 3. Women representing the diversity of the city...more)
What would it take to stop Austerity?
How do we build a fighting labour movement
The recent settlements by the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) in London over the closure of the Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) plant...more)
London Conference
the new scramble for Somalia
The much-hyped London Conference on Somalia that took place in the British capital on February 23 has set a new...more)
Libya: one year after the revolution
What has humanitarian intervention accomplished in Libya
On February 17 Libyans celebrated the one-year anniversary of the revolution that removed Muammar Gadhafi from power after 42 years...more)
Movement builds against war on Iran
Let's make 2012 a repeat of 2003, by stopping our government's drive to war
The Canadian anti-war movement is responding to the possibility of a military attack on Iran with demonstrations, pickets and mass...more)
Don't Attack Iran
Stop the next war
On February 23 a rally was organized to protest the looming war with Iran and the possibility of Canadian participation...more)
Bahrain: Canada complicit in Saudi crackdown
Harper's -humanitarian intervention- in Bahrain
Canadian arms companies exported $4 billion worth of weaponry and ammunition to Saudi Arabia in the last year, including light...more)
Women's Oppression: Origin Stories
Engels in Review
Karl Marx died in 1883, with much of his writing unfinished and unpublished. His life long collaborator, Frederick Engels, turned...more)
The Robocall rogues gallery
The Cons: a Review
The growing RoboCall scandal is being likened to Watergate, and Stephen Harper to our own Richard Nixon. I used to...more)
Austerity in Greece: Bailout leaves workers in misery
bailing out the capitalists
Workers making minimum wage in Greece are about to receive a 20 per cent pay cut. Pensioners in Greece are...more)
Fight McGuinty's Austerity agenda
the 1% solution for Ontario's economic crisis
On February 15, the much anticipated Drummond Commission issued its 1% solution for the rest of Ontario. Ten months ago,...more)
Quebec student strike shows the way to fight fees
inside the Quebec student movement
As we go to press, over 65,000 striking Quebec university and college students have shut down their campuses to protest...more)
Flood of solidarity with Rio Tinto workers
support resistance in Quebec
Since they were brutally locked out by Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) on December 30, 780 workers in Alma, Québec have...more)
Spotlight placed on condition of migrant workers
migrant workers deserve justice
The tragic death of 10 Peruvian farm workers in Hampstead, Ontario, has put the spotlight on the working conditions of...more)
Oscar buzz - or biz
the year of nostalgia
Let’s face it: the Oscars are big business. So it should really be no surprise when the lineup of nominees...more)
NDP leadership race: nobody to endorse
Where's the NDP candidate for the social movements?
In the midst of austerity and war, and the potential for united resistance across Canada and Quebec, there is no...more)
Defend Palestine House
Defend Palestine House from tory attacks
Palestine House is the latest target of the Harper agenda, which is increasingly attacking Palestine solidarity and free speech in...more)
Flotilla exposes Canada's role in illegal Gaza blockade
Blockade Harper, not Gaza
The Freedom Flotilla II consisted of ten ships carrying 1000 activists from 20 different countries. The Canadian boat–the Tahrir–attempted to...more)
Harper feels pushback on Old Age Security
Occupy Old Age Security
In late January, in his keynote speech at the World Economic Forum, Stephen Harper spoke of his government’s plans to...more)
Flotilla exposes Canada's role in illegal Gaza blockade
Blockade Harper, not Gaza
The Freedom Flotilla II consisted of ten ships carrying 1000 activists from 20 different countries. The Canadian boat–the Tahrir–attempted to...more)
Khader Adnan, from Palestine, awakened the world
how one prisoner awakened the world
On February 21, Khader Adnan, a 33 year-old Palestinian political prisoner, ended his 66-day hunger strike—after winning his eventual release...more)
The Dreyfus Affair of our time
In February there was a reprise of the fundraiser event for Hassan Diab titled “J’Accuse”. This recent performance was different...more)


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