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Light Rail Fail: Interview with Ottawa Centre MPP Joel Harden
How did Ottawa become Las Vegas in the fifties?
Socialist Worker spoke with Joel Harden, Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa Centre about what is behind the problems with...more)
Home runs, broken bats and climate change
In the 7 th inning of the National League Champion Series the Atlanta batter swung hard at a Julio Urias...more)
#Striketober | What's behind the strike wave in the US?
Workers are fed up and fighting back across the country
October is ushering in a growing strike wave in the US. Thousands are on strike now with possibly thousands more...more)
Squid Game: Capitalism’s Violent Spectacle
The Netflix streaming show Squid Game is hugely popular, but for contradictory reasons. It is a blatant critique of late-stage...more)
Off-shore oil shows Liberals’ true climate plan
Liberal smokescreen calls oil subsidies a climate plan
In March of 2020 federal Liberal Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan announce a $320 million transfer to the Newfoundland and...more)
Fascist attack against KEERFA with the cover of the Theodorikakos Police in New Heraklion Square
KEERFA (Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat), denounces an attack by a group of fascists on Sunday, October 3,...more)
Trudeau shows just what he thinks about truth and reconciliation
The inaugural "National Truth and Reconciliation Day" on September 30th is a product of the massive pressure from below expressing...more)
Please donate to the SW fighting fund
Socialist Worker Fighting Fund 2021 Download the fund drive form to fill out and return to us. Socialist worker and...more)
Indigenous land defenders and carbon emissions
Supporting Indigenous struggles is central to the fight against climate change
Join the demonstration this Friday in Toronto: Stand with Wet'suwet'en For further information see: Gidimt'en Checkpoint This August the UN...more)
The history and politics of Disability pride: Interview with founder Melissa Graham
The eleventh edition of the Toronto Disability Pride March was held virtually on September 18. Socialist Worker interviewed Melissa Graham,...more)
Hollow words of Reconciliation
Ahead of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (September 30) the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has issued...more)
Election fallout: Greens wilt
When parliament dissolved, the Green Party had 2 seats. After the election they still have 2 seats, but that only...more)
The Fight for Reproductive Justice in Texas
Historically reproductive rights have been won through the efforts of broad based movements
A post which asked “When are they going to start airlifting women and girls out of Texas” highlighted the horror...more)
People’s Party gains are bad news
As the dust settles only one party can honestly claim success in the 2021 election, the party that did not...more)
Lyin’ Brian spills the beans
In the waning days of the election, Erin O’Toole took time out from avoiding questions to campaign alongside former Conservative...more)
Election Diary Episode 5: Faint praise for the NDP
Well Diary, I’ll admit I’ve been putting this one off. Is it a matter of saving the best for last?...more)
Alberta COVID crisis: made by Kenney
Premier Jason Kenney is from the school of thought that denies society really exists. There are individuals, there is family,...more)
Review: The Chair | Students as Idealists and Workers in the University
Who makes the university what it is?
The Chair attempts to deal with how universities are dominantly perceived: as a marketplace with students as consumers, and the...more)
Election Diary Episode 4: Fascism comes knocking
Recently a very politically astute friend admitted to me that no matter how she tried, she could not put herself...more)
From the archives: Sunera Thobani speaks out – Say no to war and racism
Sunera Thobani speaks at anti-war rally in Vancouver, October 2001
Originally published October 2001
On October 1, 2001, Sunera Thobani – former chair of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women and...more)
Caledonia 'Still Waters'
Labour and Indigenous land defenders unite!
I recently drove with fellow Steelworkers to Land Back Lane in Caledonia. We were supporting Haudenosaunee Land Defenders fighting for...more)
Election Diary Episode 3: Greens en route to historic fail
Oh Diary, you knew it was going to be a rocky ride when Green Party leader Annamie Paul showed up...more)
Election Diary – Episode 2: Lacklustre Liberals have themselves to blame
Why exactly are we having this election now, you ask Dear Diary? The question is dogging Justin Trudeau and his...more)
Big banks: the Ugly Canadians
Our media portrays bank profiteering as good news. But behind it is a trail of poverty and human suffering.
The Bank of Nova Scotia has posted a profit of $2.5 billion for just 3 months. That is almost double...more)
Police violence; from Tkaronto to Fairy creek
Police are here to serve and protect capitalism
The police in so-called Canada are once again turning to violence to maintain the legitimacy of the exploitative, capitalist state...more)


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