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Workers support the Cuban 5

May 16, 2013

Five Cuban men—Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González—were unjustly arrested in Florida and condemned to life sentences. They were monitoring the activities of anti-Cuban groups in Miami on behalf of the Cuban government. They were not engaged in any activities against the US government or its people.
The US government maintains a hostile attitude to the small nation ninety miles off its shores and refuses to negotiate the release of the five men or engage in a prisoner exchange. It is the only country in the Americas that refuses to have diplomatic relations with Cuba.
At a recent Canadian policy conference of the United Steelworkers a resolution was passed that the USW will continue to work with Workers Uniting to secure the prompt freedom of the Cuban 5. A Toronto local put forward the resolution and it found broad support among the delegates present. Adriana Pérez, the wife of one of the prisoners, had earlier addressed the conference and was brought to tears by the strong message of solidarity.
What has happened to these men is a travesty of justice. They have already served fourteen years in prison and they should be allowed to return to Cuba.


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