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Mahienour defiant as appeal verdict delayed

The Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt)

July 2, 2014

Revolutionary socialist activist Mahienour El-Masry appeared in court to appeal a two year prison term on Saturday 28 June.
The labor and human rights lawyer was sentenced along with seven others earlier this year for “breaking the protest law” by taking part in a demonstration at the trial of Khaled Said’s murderers in Alexandria last year. Mahienour was first sentenced in absentia, which gave her the right to be retried when she was later arrested and imprisoned to serve the sentence. Yesterday was the appeal that would reject or accept the 2-year sentence she is serving. The brave revolutionary has been in prison for the past forty days, since her sentence was confirmed on 22 May.

A packed courtroom heard her defence lawyer Khaled Ali put the case against the protest law, while Mahienour watched from the prisoners’ cage, flanked by two police officers.

The verdict was delayed until 20 July and the court ruled that she must return to prison until that date.

Upon hearing the verdict, Mahienour El-Masry chanted from the cage, “prison never changed an idea, repression never delayed tomorrow, revolution until victory, revolution in all streets of Egypt, protesting is our right and no to your law!” while tens present at court repeated her chants loudly shaking the walls of the courthouse.
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