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Black Liberation and Indigenous sovereignty: 1960s to 2020 | Watch Video

July 14, 2020

Black Liberation and Indigenous sovereignty:
1960s to 2020

Monday, July 13 | 7:00 pm | Online


Nigel Barriffe, president of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations
Merv King, Algonquin activist, member of the United Steelworkers
Norman Otis Richmond, former member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers

The fights for Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty are not new. There is a direct link to what is happening today to the struggles that have occurred in the past. Join us for a discussion with activists who have been involved for many decades, who will share their experiences, along with others who are deep in the fights of today. This is an important dialogue which hopefully will build the confidence of all who are struggling against oppression and exploitation.

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