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Workers' power can beat the bosses attacks
Millions of workers are fighting for decent jobs around the globe
We are seeing working class revolts in France, Greece, the United Kingdom and other areas of the globe. Educators in...more
Federal government workers are on strike: “We can take on the employer and win”
Interview with Alex Silas, Regional Executive Vice-President, Public Service Alliance of Canada
This interview was done days before the PSAC strke began. To find a picket line and support the strike see...more
Ford's Bill 60 will gut public hospitals
Join the fight to save public healthcare
Premier Doug Ford's Bill 60, sweeping legislation that will dramatically accelerate the destruction of public healthcare in Ontario, is being...more
Working class people in Hamilton fight greedy landlords
Interview with long time anti-poverty and tenant organizer, David Galvin
Working class people in Hamilton have been facing a deepening housing crisis over the past decade. Recent reports show that...more
Trump arraignment a dangerous moment
It is hard not to celebrate the arraignment of Donald Trump for fraud, related to paying hush money to a...more
Movie Review: Brother - Directed by Clement Virgo.
A thoughtful portrayal of anti-black racism in Scarborough in the 1990s
Brother (2022) is the story of a Trinidadian immigrant family that settled in Scarborough in the 1990s. Their story is...more
Liberal budget baloney
The “highlights” of the federal budget are the so-called “grocery rebate”, massive investments in “clean” capitalism, neglecting people with disability,...more
Trans rights and the far right
Reading list: Recent articles: Stop the hate! Far-right and trans rights Alex Adams | | 2023 Download the pamphlet...more
Graduate workers and students in Ontario refuse to be “squarely in red.”
PSAC 901 shouted it loud, shouted it clear: graduate workers and students in Ontario refuse to be “squarely in red.”...more
Saskatchewan First means Saskatchewan worst for Indigenous rights
On March 16 Scott Moe’s far-right Saskatchewan Party government passed Bill 88, the “Saskatchewan First Act”. Inspired by Alberta’s controversial...more


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