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Race, Empire and Settler-Colonialism in the writings of Marx and Engels
with Padraic Gibson, socialist activist with Solidarity (Australia) In the classical Marxist tradition, anti-racist and anti-colonial struggles are of central...more
Uprising in Kazakhstan
What is behind the protests in Kazakhstan?
In early January, mass protests erupted in Kazakhstan. Initially, the protests were the workers' reaction to more than doubling of...more
What to watch during a pandemic, omicron edition
Diversions for a covid winter
Here in Ontario movie theatres are again being shut down, along with gyms, restaurants, etc. As Ontario and the world...more
Omicron is out to get me
This time its personal. When it comes to the ultra-transmissible new COVID variant – omicron – I have a big...more
New far-right threat for Ontario
Far right finding new formations amid pandemic chaos
Maxime Bernier is using the COVID emergency to try and forge a new, right-wing political force in Ontario politics. To...more
Public Sector workers’ pandemic strike back
Public sector workers in Canada are fighting austerity
While the #Striketober wave of strikes was building in the US working class, a similar wave in labour militancy is...more
Gidimt'en re-takes Coyote Camp - Join the Defund CGL actions this week!
Join the week of action – December 20-27
A post on the @yintah_access instagram account on Sunday morning (Dec 19) announced: "Early Sunday, Gidimt'en land defenders evicted Coastal...more
What is State Capitalism?
Workers self-emancipation is the heart of socialism from below
Recent events on the global front have underlined the importance of what might have been seen as a dead theory,...more
David Suzuki was right, but the BC Government started pipeline violence.
The state is using violence to build the pipelines and worsen the climate crisis
David Suzuki told CHEK news during an Extinction Rebellion rally in Victoria BC, “We’re in deep deep doo-doo. They’ve been...more
Trudeau, Horgan fiddle while BC drowns
The climate crisis isn't in the future. It is here right now
Justin Trudeau stood at the podium at the COP26 summit in Glasgow and talked tough about the need to limit...more


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