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Right to Protest
statement on Serbia student movement
We believe that, at a critical moment in the deepening crisis, it is our right and duty to demonstrate solidarity...more
For Iraqis, the war is far from over
The war continues
US President Barack Obama has called the US withdrawal from Iraq a historic moment and declared the mission a “success”...more
Inside Quebec politics
Quebec's leading feminist writes shares her views
Francoise David, one of Quebec's leading activists and political figures, has written an important primer on the politics and fault lines of the Quebec left, which should be read across Canada.more
Canada/US border deal a threat to rights and freedom
sacrificing freedom for trade
A new border deal means that Canada will adopt the draconian (and often unconstitutional) Bush-Obama positions on privacy, security, immigration, and surveillance.more
Durban climate conference: a bitter disappointment
Durban dooms the planet
TheDurban climate talks have offered little or nothing, writes Jonathan Neale, in this eyewitness report. Now is the time for climate activists to take their message into the new radical movementsmore
2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan - not absolute"
Yet another extension of war and occupation
In perhaps the least surprising news story of 2011, the United States ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan C. Crocker, said that...more
Security certificate injustice for Mohamed Harkat
nine years of injustice and secret trials in Canada
This weekend - International Human Rights Day - marks the ninth anniversary of the detention of Mohamed Harkat under a security certificate - a draconian detention for which no charge is laid, and the information on which the allegation is based is kept secret from the detainee and their lawyers.more
The Egyptian revolution continues
Interview with leading member of the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists
Leading Egyptian activist discusses current state of the Egyptian revolution following the latest revolt in Tahrir Square this past November, arguably the fiercest and most important display of popular resistance to the ruling military regime Since the fall of Mubarakmore
Canadian colonialism lives on in Attawapiskat
The most recent blatant example of Canadian colonialism
Canada has a long history of oppressing First Nations people; Attawapiskat is another example that colonialism is alive and well, and it represents another in a long list of reasons why it is vitally important for socialists to organize in solidarity with First Nations people everywhere.more
Another (renewable) energy is possible
There are real alternatives to fossil fuels.
Bradley Hughes Reviews Robin Macqueen's lecture on renewable energy. The problems of finite resources, energy poverty and climate change can, and must, be addressed with real technological alternatives.more


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