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Pressure builds on Yemeni president
UN provides exit for Saleh
As the people of Yemen continue their fight for freedom and democracy, the UN has provided an exit plan for...more
No sanctions, no war. Don't Attack Iran
Stop the next war
Economic crisis, imperial rivalry and Islamophobia are fueling an attack on Iran that could have devastating consequences.more
Euro crisis: workers vs Austerity
The capitalist rot continues
As Austerity measures deepen the crisis in Greece, the Great Recession is spreading across Europe. But workers are saying -enough- and striking against Austerity.more
We remember Alex Dodger
Obituary for Alex Dodger
We have all lost a wonderful anti-war and social activist, whose bright future as a human rights lawyer has been taken away from the world. Most of all we have lost a friend, whose laugh and smile and funny stories made the struggle for a better world all the more enjoyable.more
Tamils rally for self-determination
Tamils and their allies rally for self-determination
Thousands of Tamils and their supporters filled the south lawn of Queen’s Park on October 29 to rally for Tamil...more
Greek workers look to a peoples' default
Resistance in Greece is proposing a different kind of default
While the capitalists try to save Greece by destroying it, resistance from below is calling for a people's default as the only way out of the crisismore
Ford tries to cut libraries through the back door
the movement to save Toronto libraries
While a mass campaign appeared to have stopped Ford's attack on library services, he has gone ahead on plans to attack the jobs on which they depend.more
Solidarity against Israeli Apartheid
Building the BDS movement
On October 29, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) and Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) held an event titled, -...more
Are too many people the problem?
Busting the myth of over-population
those who argue for the need to reduce population are unwilling or unable to consider the possibility of a different social organization, one that places harmony among people and between people and the environment.more
Our banks don't stank
Think Canada's banks weren't bailed out? Think again.
From tax cuts, to mortgages to bailouts, the "stability" of Canadian banks is built on taking billions of our dollars.more


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