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Anti-semitism, Zionism and Socialism
Only workers' struggle can create a world free from anti-semitism and all forms of racism.
The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) has defined calling the state of Israel ‘racist’, as a form of anti-semitism. As...more
November 23: 600,000 workers will be on strike against the Quebec government
The first Quebec Common Front in 1972 was the largest strike in the history of the Canadian state. The current...more
Pensions, COVID, and culling the herd
For the world ruling class COVID was a golden opportunity to cull the herd and get their hands on some...more
Palestine - right to resist reading list
Get the arguments abut why we must support Palestine
Find reports from demonstrations in twitter and instagram Watch the video from our forum: Palestine - It's right to resist...more
Palestine - It's right to resist
Watch the video from our recent meeting - Palestine - It's right to resist with Ghada Sasa: Ghada Sasa is...more
Open Letter: Thank you Sarah Jama
I write this for you, Sarah, to say I will be here to support you, and because I want to...more
Interview: Quebec Common Front worker talks about the fight against the CAQ
Four union federations in Quebec have formed a common front to collectively bargain with the right wing CAQ government. More...more
“Parental Rights” or Far-Right Hatred
The socialist call to protect access to public education is more important now than ever.
The Saskatchewan government’s passed Bill 137, the “Parents’ Bill of Rights” last week. The bill mandates teachers to notify parents...more
Canada supporting Palestinian genocide
Canada is arming Israel and supporting this massacre
The Canadian state is cheerleading ethnic cleansing. The brutal assaults on the 2.2 million people in the Gaza strip are...more
Support striking teaching assistants at SFU
Members of the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) at Simon Fraser University are on strike. As of Setpember 28 all...more


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