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Christmas Miracle in Wild Rose country
With all the glooming and dooming going around in the world it is great to be able to report some...more
Housefather, horsefeathers, and Genocide cheerleading
Housefather is bringing a new McCarthyism to Canada
In October a hitherto nondescript Liberal MP took it upon himself to become parliament’s loudest, unquestioning cheerleader for Israel’s genocidal...more
Automated Genocide: How Israel’s ‘The Gospel’ is a ‘mass assassination factory’
New AI tools allow Israel to get away with murder

On Nov 2nd, the IDF issued a statement which revealed that much of the military ‘intelligence’ that guides their operations...more
The COP28 climate talks are a farce.
New agreement will do nothing to halt the climate crisis
2023 has been the hottest year on record. The world has seen devastating wildfires, droughts, flooding and more extreme weather...more
Anti-semitism, Zionism and Socialism
Only workers' struggle can create a world free from anti-semitism and all forms of racism.
The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) has defined calling the state of Israel ‘racist’, as a form of anti-semitism. As...more
November 23: 600,000 workers will be on strike against the Quebec government
The first Quebec Common Front in 1972 was the largest strike in the history of the Canadian state. The current...more
Pensions, COVID, and culling the herd
For the world ruling class COVID was a golden opportunity to cull the herd and get their hands on some...more
Palestine - right to resist reading list
Get the arguments abut why we must support Palestine
Find reports from demonstrations in twitter and instagram Watch the video from our forum: Palestine - It's right to resist...more
Palestine - It's right to resist
Watch the video from our recent meeting - Palestine - It's right to resist with Ghada Sasa: Ghada Sasa is...more
Open Letter: Thank you Sarah Jama
I write this for you, Sarah, to say I will be here to support you, and because I want to...more


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