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Langara college and BCNDP are stifling free speech on Palestine: Knight in! Burns out!
College president tries to eliminate opposition to genocide from campus
The same day that the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel is committing genocide in Palestine, the President and...more
UNRWA cuts: Israel’s allies take revenge for ICJ ruling
Genocide Justin wants Gazans to starve
The International Court of Justice ruled overwhelmingly in favour of South Africa’s charge that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza...more
BC government prepared to let thousands more die
Safe supply NOW!
13,317 people, and counting, have died of unregulated, toxic drugs since the province of British Columbia declared a public health...more
How do you spell racist: RCMP!
RCMP are recorded using racist slurs against indigenous land defenders
It's no secret that the RCMP is a racist institution, instrumental in the genocidal policies towards Indigenous peoples that laid...more
Carlson’s Edmonton fail
I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time: rent Edmonton’s (capacity approximately 25,000) hockey arena for the...more
Pinkwashing Israeli genocide: Queers for Palestinian Liberation
We need to end imperial domination for Queer rights to flourish
In the midst of the Israeli onslaught, with tens of thousands dead in Palestine, the State of Israel took to...more
Call it genocide
Gaza in November 2023
Don't back down. Israel is committing genocide and it's right to resist.
Across Turtle Island and in other western states the repression against solidarity with Palestine is growing. In the streets, police...more
Service Ontario sell-out – Privatization 101
Doug Ford’s obsession with destroying Ontario’s good-paying union jobs, and rewarding his corporate friends and donors with public service privatization...more
Benjamin Moore workers join the rise in militant struggle
Workers are fighting back. They need our solidarity now more than ever
The affordability crisis is not ending and people are hurting. Shelters are way over capacity, refugees are sleeping on the...more
Let’s talk about the Boss
On the occasion of Henry Kissinger’s descent into hell, no one should have been surprised by the fulsome praise heaped...more


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