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Danzig Residents Take Back The Streets
Residents of Danzig Street and the surrounding Morningside community gathered on the evening of Wednesday, July 18th, for a solidarity...more)
Syrian Revolution At A Critical Crossroads
revolution vs counter-revolution
The Syrian revolution has reached a new crossroads. Recent regime massacres have combined with a series of defections that could...more)
Poverty To Blame For Scarborough Shooting
End structural violence
The Scarborough shooting in the Morningside neighborhood late Monday night has left the community shaken to its core. Shyanne Charles,...more)
Egyptians Continue To Challenge Military Rule
The revolution continues
Egyptians are stepping up protest of military trials for civilians, exposing the increasing complicity of newly-elected president Morsi with the...more)
Mass Protests Erupt In Saudi Arabia
An uprising in the belly of the counter-revolutionary beast
The Western-backed regime of Saudi Arabia has been a key counter-revolutionary force against the Arab Spring, but is encountering protests...more)
Workers Push Back Rio Tinto
A victory for rank-and-file mobilizing and solidarity
On Thursday, July 5, workers at Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) in Alma, Quebec signed a new collective agreement after six...more)
Lincoln As Vampire Hunter Proves More Realistic Than Harper
The undead are better than Harper
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is not what you would call accurate historical fiction. But the truly depressing thing is that...more)
Security Certificates Struggle Continues Into Second Decade
The struggle continues
By now, readers of Socialist Worker are likely familiar with the case of Mohamed Harkat, a former—very former—pizza delivery man...more)
Anti-Choice Caravan Fails
"Women's rights are here to stay, We're never going back!"
An attempt by anti-choice activists to galvanize opposition to abortion has failed miserably. On May 29, the so-called ‘New Abortion...more)
Pride Is Political
Remember the past, fight for the future
Since the 1960s, the advancement of rights and status for many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people has been...more)
Oil Spills Spread Devastation Across Alberta
Oil kills, pipelines spill
Oil pipelines aren’t safe. The three pipeline spills in Alberta are just the most recent in a long list of...more)
Iran 2009
Rekindling the hopes of 1979
In the 1970s, under the brutal Shah of Iran, Iran was one of the chief allies of the U.S. The...more)
Reading The Comintern Fourth Congress
Towards the United Front
Socialists are, almost universally, avid readers. As a minority current in capitalist society, socialists often feel isolated in their sharp...more)
Bill C-31: A Danger To Queer Refugees
Stop C-31
Queer refugees already face homophobia and transphobia in the refugee claim process, and if Bill C-31 passes through the Senate,...more)
Are You Mad? There's A Pride For That!
"The right to be free, the right to be me"
Mad Pride celebrations are coming to Toronto again this year, July 10 to 15. Mad Pride is an arts, culture,...more)
Historic Victory For Trans People
One step towards trans liberation
On June 13, the Ontario Human Rights Code was amended to prohibit prejudice against Trans people. In this historic moment,...more)
Grassy Narrows: justice delayed is justice denied
Indigenous rights now!
Early in June, several bus loads of people from the Asubpeeschoseewagong First Nation (also known as Grassy Narrows) traveled to...more)
Showdown In Bc School District 79
Money for education!
The Cowichan Valley's School District 79 is planning to submit a deficit budget on June 30. This will go against...more)
Rio + 20: Thousands Reject UN-Led Environment "hoax"
System change, not climate change
For years environmental critics have been labeling international Climate Change summits as “failures.” With the just completed UN-sponsored Rio +...more)
Spain 1936
A better world was possible
In 1936 in Spain, workers responded to a fascist uprising by organizing a revolution. A few months after winning the...more)
Six Lane Bridge Is The Wrong Way
More public transit, less bridge
Over 100 adults and kids rallied in the Sapperton area of New Westminster, BC, outside of TransLink’s Open House to...more)
No Pride In Israeli Apartheid
"We're sexy, we're hot, Israeli apartheid's not."
Since 2008, the Zionist lobby has tried to ban Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Toronto (QuAIA) from the Pride parade. Amelia...more)
Ontario Teachers Take Political Action Against Austerity
Education, not austerity
Ontario government attacks on the public sector have evoked a strong response from teachers. The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario...more)
Snow White Revisited
Snow White as subject, not object
Snow White and the huntsmen is not the classic brother Grimm fairy tale. This modern interpretation depicts the protagonist as...more)
Challenging The Criminalization Of People Living With Hiv
AIDS action now
HIV+ disclosure is a complex, emotional, and moral issue to which there are no easy answers. Canadian law regarding disclosure...more)


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