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Six Lane Bridge Is The Wrong Way
More public transit, less bridge
Over 100 adults and kids rallied in the Sapperton area of New Westminster, BC, outside of TransLink’s Open House to...more)
No Pride In Israeli Apartheid
"We're sexy, we're hot, Israeli apartheid's not."
Since 2008, the Zionist lobby has tried to ban Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Toronto (QuAIA) from the Pride parade. Amelia...more)
Ontario Teachers Take Political Action Against Austerity
Education, not austerity
Ontario government attacks on the public sector have evoked a strong response from teachers. The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario...more)
Snow White Revisited
Snow White as subject, not object
Snow White and the huntsmen is not the classic brother Grimm fairy tale. This modern interpretation depicts the protagonist as...more)
Challenging The Criminalization Of People Living With Hiv
AIDS action now
HIV+ disclosure is a complex, emotional, and moral issue to which there are no easy answers. Canadian law regarding disclosure...more)
Pakistan: Complex Relations With The Us
Obama's hidden war
The NATO summit in Chicago gave us another glimpse into the fraught relations between the US and Pakistan. US president...more)
The Selective Outrage Of Ezra Levant
Where is the outrage over corporate censorship?
The right-wing faces an intolerable censorship in this country, gagged by the left-wing consensus that rules the mainstream media. How...more)
The Fight For Gay-Straight Alliances Continues After Anti-Bullying Legislation
Partial victory for GSAs, but the struggle continues
After pressure from queer youth and their allies, the Ontario government passed new anti-bullying legislation—Bill 13, the Accepting Schools Act—on...more)
Duncan school board risks getting fired to fight austerity
Fire George Abbott, not school trustees
School trustees from Duncan BC, just north of Victoria, make up the Cowichan District school board and have taken a...more)
In August, the Bill 78 s**t will really hit the fan
Defend student unions
In all the justified outrage about Bill 78 and its attacks on freedom of expression, most accounts, in both French...more)
Developments in the Quebec student strike
Quebec spring turns into summer
Now entering its fifth month, the student strike in Quebec has survived despite repression, bullying and worse, culminating in the...more)
The Spanish bailout and the spreading crisis of capitalism
Nobody expects the Spanish revolution
The EU’s rescue of the Spanish banking system signals the newest phase in the worsening crisis of the global capitalist...more)
Wisconsin: Democrats lose to Walker, but the struggle continues
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
The popular movement behind the recall of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker failed on June 5 because the battle against the...more)
Translation of open letter from co-spokespersons of Québec solidaire
Real strategic voting: oppose the parties of austerity
The Quebec spring is provoking a debate on electoral strategy, with some calling for an alliance on the basis of...more)
Casseroles across the country
More casseroles
Valerie Lannon, Victoria The student unions of the University of Victoria and Camosun College organized a 150-strong casserole march on...more)
Yemen: the struggle continues
Revolution vs counter-revolution
After brutal clashes between the Yemeni army and “al-Qaeda” militants in southern provinces in Yemen, Washington commended the US-backed Yemeni...more)
CCPA exposes phony Enbridge job creation
Enbridge spills oil, but not jobs
Earlier this year, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released Enbridge Pipe Dreams and Nightmares: The Economic Costs and...more)
West coast solidarity with Quebec students
BC in solidarity with Quebec
Vancouver’s casserole march featured two seperate casseroles marching from the Vancouver Art Gallery and City Hall to meet in the...more)
More reasons to read Socialist Worker
How do we understand the media
John Molyneux’s short book, Will the revolution be televised? A Marxist analysis of the media, sets out to answer a...more)
Egypt: elections and the ongoing struggle
how are Egyptian revolutionaries intervening in the election?
Egypt’s presidential election has produced a runoff that will be decided on June 16-17 when Egyptians return to the polls...more)
Stop the Western-backed war on Bahrain’s children
No "humanitarian intervention" here?
While Canada and the US are condemning the violence in Syria as part of their imperial ambitions in the region,...more)
No transit, no bridge
a bridge to climate chaos
The past few months has seen a series of community meetings and newspaper editorials in New Westminster discussing TransLink’s replacement...more)
Support Haudenosaunee Six Nations
two solidarity actions
On April 28th 2012, up to 1000 people participated in the Walk, Rally, and Potluck for Peace, Respect, and Friendship...more)
Syria: defend the revolution
Revolution from below, not bombs from above
The UN “peace plan” in Syria has not made any progress as bloodshed continues. The West is using the Houla...more)
Solidarité contre l’austerité
solidarity spreads
A continuation of “ Casseroles night in Canada ” from the previous week, and only a day after another successful...more)


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