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The fight for queer liberation
the fight for queer liberation
The role of the family and expressions of gender and sexuality seem to be deeply-rooted and part of our inherent...more)
How to save the planet, and ourselves
System change, not climate change
The Ecological Rift: Capitalism’s War on the Earth, by John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark, Richard York reviewed by Bradley Hughes...more)
Historic victory for Palestinian prisoners
The battle of the empty stomachs wins its basic demands
Hunger strikes have historically been the only way that prisoners in Israeli jails have won demands for their basic rights...more)
Saudia Arabia and the Arab Spring
Unhumanitarian intervention
Recent human rights violations in Saudi Arabia highlight its role in countering protesters. During the whole of the Arab Spring,...more)
Austerity and resistance in the Czech Republic
Where there is crisis, there is resistance
Recent human rights violations in Saudi Arabia highlight its role in countering protesters. During the whole of the Arab Spring,...more)
Iran and the Axis of Hypocrisy
Who's the real threat in the Middle East?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a new coalition of national unity, and elections in the country have been pushed...more)
Syria: revolution is the only peace plan
what's the path to peace in Syria
As the UN “peace plan” falls apart in Syria and imperial powers battle for control, the future of Syria depends...more)
Solidarity against Quebec’s anti-protest bludgeon law
Solidarity against Bill 78
The Quebec government has announced a “special law” to crack down on student protests—a law so draconian it is almost...more)
NATO summit protest in Toronto
Coinciding with other solidarity protests around the world, peace activists in Toronto came out to rally and protest against the...more)
BC teachers still standing strong
the struggle for education continues
On May 17th, British Columbia Teachers’ Federation president Susan Lambert wrote an open letter inviting all BC principals and vice-principals...more)
Comintern Fourth Congress: revisiting the "woman question"
women's liberation: looking back, moving forward
The Communist International, or Comintern, gathered in annual delegated congresses in the years following the Russian Revolution to discuss next...more)
QuAIA will march in Toronto’s Pride parade
Pride is political
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid has announced its plans to participate in Toronto’s Pride parade this year. Last year, the city...more)
Movement grows against anti-choice motion
Say no to Motion 312, build the pro-choice movement
On April 26, an anti-abortion motion by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s had one hour of debate in Parliament. A second...more)
Building unity between workers in Quebec and English Canada
How do translate solidarity from a slogan into an act?
There is no doubt that the ongoing student strike in Quebec is the high point of struggle in the pan-Canadian...more)
Fighting women’s oppression
How do we end women's oppression?
The economic crisis that is gripping the world is driving millions of people into poverty, and rolling back many hard-fought...more)
West Coast opposition to Enbridge grows
Opposition to tar sands spills across the country
Throughout this year, the opposition to Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway project has continued to grow. Specifically on the West Coast,...more)
Beastie Boys Adam Yauch passes at 47
a political hip hop star passes
Friday, May 4 saw the death of founding Beastie Boy, Adam Yauch. Known on stage as MCA, Yauch was inducted...more)
Be a socialist
Be a socialist, join the socialists
As a boy, my everyday walk to elementary school in suburban London, Ontario took me past a towering gray air...more)
Refugees in, Kenney out
Another attack from the Minister of Censorship and Deportation
On February 16th, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney introduced Bill C-31, Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act. Rejected by immigrant...more)
Voter fraud scandal deepens for Tories
The Crime Minister strikes again
Elections Canada investigators believe that the computer used to make more than 7,000 fraudulent and potentially illegal robocalls to Guelph...more)
Bahrain: Western hypocrisy and government oppression
imperialism and resistance continues in Bahrain
The government of United States resumed arms sale to Bahrain, which is also the home for US Fifth Fleet, while...more)
Rage against the machines
Is it time for another Ned Ludd?
“It is Agreedon to Shoot All masters that Puls Down wages or invents things to hurt the Poor.” Two hundred...more)
Which side are you on?
How did Canada's 1% and 99% respond to the Russian Revolution?
From Victoria to Vladivostok, by Benjamin Isitt Reviewed by Jesse McLaren “Influenced by labour agitation, their morale weakened by poor...more)
Understanding Islamophobia
Islamophobia: what it is and how to fight it
Racial profiling and the targeting of Muslims throughout the West has become a terrible reality of the post-9/11 world. This...more)
French election
After Sarkosy, build the movement against austerity and racism
Hundreds of thousands were on the streets of Paris on the night of Sunday 6th May to celebrate the fall...more)


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