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Right-Wing Coup In Paraguay
"Lugo es nuestro presidente"
On Friday, June 22, 2012 right-wing forces in a legislative coup overthrew the democratically elected center-left government of President Fernando...more)
Still Fighting The Power
"Never have so many been screwed by so few."
Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp By Public Enemy Reviewed by D’Arcy Briggs Referencing lyrics from...more)
System change not climate change
The outcome document of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 is full of words like “We recognize,” “We take...more)
Packed Toronto Meeting Discusses Action Plans For Environmental Justice
Environmental justice movement grows
On July evenings, most people in Toronto are just trying to find ways to escape the heat and humidity. Nevertheless,...more)
Stop The Extractive Machine! Continental Day Of Action
mining justice now
Video of Queen's Park rally as part of the continental day of action against mining injusticemore)
How To Save The World And Make Lots Of Money.
This book is simultaneously very good and deeply flawed.
A review of Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era by Amory B. Lovins and Rocky Mountain...more)
Bahrain: 200 years of resistance
"America, your arms kill us."
Inspired by the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis flooded the streets and marched to occupy the...more)
Student Strike Training Camp Brings Lessons Of Quebec To Ontario
Ontario students learn the lessons of Quebec
The University of Toronto played host to an incredible conference the weekend of July 27-29. The Ontario Student Strike Training...more)
Sensational Shootings Distract From Police Violence
More police is not a solution to violence, it is a major cause
Between the slaughter in Aurora, Colorado and the shooting in Toronto’s east end, seemingly unexplainable gun violence has crowded everything...more)
Reform, Revolution And Challenges To Austerity Today
Can we vote our way to a better world?
The rise of new left parties across Europe has generated much excitement about the possibility of an electoral challenge to...more)
Urgent Appeal To Help Pakistani 'prisoners Of Climate Change Crisis'?
Act Now
Please act urgently to show your solidarity to these brave political prisoners of the global climate change crisis.more)
Photos: July 22 Demonstration In Montreal
Le printemps erable continues
Photos of the 80,000-strong march through the streets of Montreal, including a solidarity contingent from Torontomore)
Batman Is Romney
The Republican Knight Rises
The latest installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy makes one last desperate effort to make us care for a brooding...more)
Indigenous And Student Struggles Unite
so-so-so, solidarite
The Algonquin Nation at Barriere Lake (ABL), Quebec, has long defended its territory against clearcut logging by Resolute Forest Products...more)
Toronto: Protesters Demand An End To Us-Backed Oppression In Saudi Arabia
"Divide and conquer will not work"
Protesters gathered outside the US Consulate in Toronto yesterday, demanding an end to oppression in Saudi Arabia and condemning the...more)
Saving Salmon
people and the planet vs profit
At a late June ceremony, Sto:lň elders and community members discussed the importance of salmon to their culture, their community,...more)
Us Health Care Reform
Profit is not the cure
The US Supreme Court ruled that the healthcare reform passed two years ago—the Affordable Care Act—is constitutional. The ruling is...more)
Danzig Residents Take Back The Streets
Residents of Danzig Street and the surrounding Morningside community gathered on the evening of Wednesday, July 18th, for a solidarity...more)
Syrian Revolution At A Critical Crossroads
revolution vs counter-revolution
The Syrian revolution has reached a new crossroads. Recent regime massacres have combined with a series of defections that could...more)
Poverty To Blame For Scarborough Shooting
End structural violence
The Scarborough shooting in the Morningside neighborhood late Monday night has left the community shaken to its core. Shyanne Charles,...more)
Egyptians Continue To Challenge Military Rule
The revolution continues
Egyptians are stepping up protest of military trials for civilians, exposing the increasing complicity of newly-elected president Morsi with the...more)
Mass Protests Erupt In Saudi Arabia
An uprising in the belly of the counter-revolutionary beast
The Western-backed regime of Saudi Arabia has been a key counter-revolutionary force against the Arab Spring, but is encountering protests...more)
Workers Push Back Rio Tinto
A victory for rank-and-file mobilizing and solidarity
On Thursday, July 5, workers at Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) in Alma, Quebec signed a new collective agreement after six...more)
Lincoln As Vampire Hunter Proves More Realistic Than Harper
The undead are better than Harper
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is not what you would call accurate historical fiction. But the truly depressing thing is that...more)
Security Certificates Struggle Continues Into Second Decade
The struggle continues
By now, readers of Socialist Worker are likely familiar with the case of Mohamed Harkat, a former—very former—pizza delivery man...more)


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